CCAC Meeting Recap – 18 January 2017

Short agenda, relatively short meeting, punctuated by post-meeting beer at Smoked. Good meeting last night, despite the very few members of the public in attendance.


While short, a lot of good information and context was shared. Please take the time to click all the way through to the end, and read the tweets to the top.

Update From Emily Kilroy from the County re: population numbers

Since it came up during last night’s meeting, I wanted to send out the link to the presentation from yesterday’s joint Board/Planning Commission work session for the Rio+29 Small Area Plan.

The population data included on slide 18 suggests Charlottesville-Albemarle will see 48,000 additional residents by 2035. Slide 41 then calls for 2,800 housing units. Quick math shows that would require slightly more than 17 people per housing unit!

What was not clear is that the boundaries for these two datasets did not line up, and there were not sufficient resources to create a new dataset that would. 2,800 housing units is a forecast for a smaller area that includes 29 North, assuming “business-as-usual” (so there will be housing units in other parts of the county/city to capture portions of those 48,000 new people). For the purposes of Phase I, this trend data was sufficient to develop/validate the approach of development patterns organized around nodes. Phase II will dive much deeper into the details to determine how a transformation might change the business-as-usual, what it would look like, and how to make it happen.


The Tweets

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