How many new homes in Crozet in 2024/2025?

Who wants to take bets?

I was texted this question:

… do we have any idea how many new housing units are going to be added to the area in the next six months year or two years? Is there anyway to get that info?

My first answer:

Now, that’s a fun and interesting question. Let me see what I can put together.  I would guess 150 to 200 in 2024.

Last year, 117 new homes were built in the White Hall district, as noted in the Albemarle County Building permit survey. In the MLS last year, 152 sold and were marked as new —”

At this time last year, there had been 107 contracts in the Brownsville + Crozet Elementary school districts, and 50 (47%) were new.

This year (1/1/24-4/30/24), there have been 131 contracts, with 63 of those being new. For context, Baker Butler accounted for 53% of new residential construction and Crozet + Brownsville accounted for 18% of new construction in Albemarle County in 2023.

My guess for 2024 completed new construction sales?

  • 140 via the Albemarle County Building permits report
  • 190 via the Charlottesville MLS.

Snapshot of Crozet from the Albemarle County Development Dashboard



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