CCAC Meeting – 12 August 2020 – Bike/Ped, Old Dominion Village


Lots on the agenda this month, including the proposal for 100+ new townhomes near the Green Olive and the veterinarian on 240, and the bike/pedestrian planning for Crozet. If you’ve not yet attended a CCAC meeting, in person or virtually, this would be a good one to follow.

via email:

Crozet Community Advisory Committee Wednesday, August 12, 2020 7:00 P.M. 8:30 P.M. Virtual Meeting

This meeting is being held pursuant to and in compliance with Ordinance No. 20-A (6); An Ordinance to Ensure the Continuity of Government During the Covid-19 Disaster.


Download Zoom. Use this link to join the webinar. BY PHONE/CALL-IN:

Dial (301) 715-8592. Type in the Webinar ID 915 2993 5095 followed by the pound (#) sign. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


  1. Call to Order & Agenda Review (3 minutes)
  2. Approve Meeting Minutes (2 minutes)
  3. Discussion: ZMA202000005 Old Dominion Village (20 minutes)
    1. Link to Community Meeting video:
      Link to application materials: (edit: link is here)
  4. Land Use Process Moving Forward (5 minutes)
  5. Bike/Ped Connectivity Feedback Presentation (15 minutes) Link to detailed Bike/Ped Connectivity Workshop feedback:
  6. Conservation Feedback / Parks Presentation (20 minutes) Link to detailed Conservation Workshop feedback:
  7. Bike/Ped and Parks Q&A / Discussion (30 minutes) Discussion Question: Does the group have any questions or observations about the feedback received?

Next Meeting Wednesday, September 9, 2020 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.

Find This Stolen Bike, Please, Crozet


FOUND. “A Buckingham Branch Railroad employee called and said they found the bikes laying on the tracks a half mile West of where they were taken from. They are in Grottoes, currently. Hopefully they are still in one piece. “

via email:

A friend and I biked from my house on St. George Ave. this morning (8/4) at 7:30am to hike Jarmans Gap. We locked our bikes to the back side of the signal equipment enclosure (the little aluminum hut next to the railroad) just after you cross the tracks on Jarmans Gap (the gravel part).

We returned an hour and forty minutes later to find the bikes, our helmets and the two locks we’d secured them with, gone. I later ran into some Buckingham Branch Railroad employees that called their maintenance boss and no employees had been to that signal enclosure this morning.

My friend had a Specialized StumpJumper and I had, and here’s the issue, my beloved Specialized mid 90’s Allez Elite, dubbed the Honey Badger, that I’d ridden 2,052 miles from Minneapolis to Cape Cod for my wedding. She’d embarked, then called the Green Bean, on what would become a failed, but nevertheless exciting, cross country attempt from Seattle, WA. And most recently I’d painted it bright yellow and put my NorCro branding on it for hauling grocery deliveries around Crozet.

I’d love to get the word out so she can find her way home! 


100+ Townhomes Coming near Green Olive Tree

I put Green Olive Tree in the title, as that’s an area that most people can reference. It’s close, though. I could have said, “near the new car wash,” or “the veterinarian” but there are two veterinarians on 240, with those being different parts of 240.

And I can’t find anything in the news or on the County’s site about the results of the meeting. * Update below

Also, submit comments at this link until I think 17 August (watch the video to confirm).

That said, from the public notice of last week’s meeting (bolding mine)

Dear Neighbor,

We, Meridian Planning Group,invite you to share comments and ask questions regarding our request to rezone the parcels described below from Rural Area (RA) to Neighborhood Model (NMD). The project incudes (sic) 101 townhomes, 14 single family detached homes and will (sic) the Crozet Veterinary Clinic will remain as a commercial use. This proposed project is located at 5258 Three Notch’d Road (TMP 0560-00-00-74A0) and 1263 Parkview Drive (TMP 056-00-00-067B0).

PDF of the letter is here.

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Verizon Cell Tower in Greenwood?

Update 27 July 2020

Most of us want more and better internet and cell coverage.

Albemarle County’s Annual Survey says so.

(note: surely someone else can do a better report/story on this)

If you’re in support or opposition of the tower, say so here at the County’s site.

PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION: This is an application to construct a one hundred and eight (108) feet tall monopole tower with two (2) antenna arrays and related ground equipment. A special exception has been requested to exceed the flush mount distances to the tower (SE202000006).



To find out more information and view other documents associated with this proposal, click

To learn more about Albemarle County’s development review process, click

To review regulations and policies applicable to this project, click (18-5.1.40 Personal Wireless Service Facility regulations) or (18-33 Special Use Permit regulations).

via Nextdoor

… which is unavailable to those without accounts, so I’m posting it here for those Albemarle County residents who don’t have Nextdoor accounts with access to this post.

(go for the comments, but stay for the conspiracy theory)

Tall Verizon Cell Tower Plan near Septenary Winery. Verizon Wireless is proposing to construct a huge cell phone tower directly adjacent to the entrance to Septenary Winery, and Albemarle County is moving to review/approve at a closed hearing in the first week of August.

The wine industry is a major benefit to the County with low impact. If you love the views and the history of properties like Seven Oaks Farm both will be negatively impacted by this project. The proposed tower is 108 feet high with a 30 foot by 30 foot base and a large concrete pad to accommodate additional equipment – all starting just feet away from the vineyard entrance! Time is short and there will not be a public hearing on this due to COVID-19 restrictions.

So how can you help? You can go to: to comment or you can email the lead reviewer – Christopher Perez, with your comments at [email protected]. Please let the County of Albemarle know if you think the tower at the entrance to the vineyard would diminish your enjoyment of the property’s views, serenity and history as well as that of neighboring properties in Greenwood. If you visit the vineyards regularly, or bring family and friends, please let the County know that too.

The proposed site is part of a much larger property and it would seem reasonable to ask the County to consider it be moved to another part of that farm making it far less obtrusive to the small business of the winery.

One of the best comments on that post

The real question is do you want better cell reception/telecom in western Albemarle? I would assume that you do. This whole NIMBY BS is just that, BS… Stop being entitled/nostalgic and grow up. We’re in 2020 so guess what, there will be cell towers and (especially if you want 5G) they will literally be everywhere.

Did you know that if you agree to have a tower on your property you actually get paid?

Did you know that if you want 5G in Old Trail there will be dozens of towers required to cover the area?

Did you know that our local businesses need this infrastructure development to survive post COVID?

If anything in this COVID world has taught us, it’s support your community and think from a community perspective. Who cares if there is a tower at the entrance because guess what, you’ll have better service, the ability to be contactless and better reception when you’re surfing your phone while patronizing the winery in question. Not to mention the additional benefits for everyone in the area.

Educate yourself rather than be offended by technology. If you want unobstructed views of whatever then guess what, you wont have access to the world that we live in. Move out of Old Trail to BFE to be a luddite if you care that much. Thanks Roger for setting me off on this.

There’s another tower planned in Crozet

And likely more, but this is referencing the one proposed near Wild Turkey Lane (see the not searchable PDF below), and was also discussed at the last in-person CCAC meeting.

This is a good, timely, and related podcast

Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates

Agree to Disagree: Broadband for All?

Conserve Water, Please (It’s HOT)

From ASCA, via Twitter:

“A special message for our Crozet #water customers. The intense heat, combined with increased irrigation, is placing the plant close to full capacity. We ask you to reduce your outdoor use until this heat wave breaks so we can avoid restrictions. Thank you for your help.”

Share your Crozet Trails Story

via email (please forgive the formatting, as the blog doesn’t like this sort of copy paste)

This is awesome. The Crozet Trails Crew are one of the best parts of Crozet. Full Stop.

Trails in the Time of COVID – Share your Story

Share What Crozet Trails Mean to You This Year It has been a delight to see so many out on the trails since the COVID lockdown began. Walking, running, biking, birding, catching frogs, and posting messages in the tunnel, Crozetians are doing it all whether alone or with family, friends, or a treasured pet. Our community is a special place. It feels even more so as we safely enjoy the outdoors and time together, even if it is 6’ apart!

As the saying goes when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! The Trails Crew agreed it was prudent to cancel the annual 5K race. But that doesn’t mean we cannot stay connected. So we decided to create a storyboard to capture Crozetians’ experiences on the trails and parks to memorialize this unique time in our lives. We are asking you to share photos (selfies, families, pets, nature) taken on the Crozet trails and parks and to briefly answer the question “How have the trails eased your COVID experience?”

The plan is to post the storyboard and comments on the Crozet Trails Crew website and to share it with local publications. If we receive a solid response, the Crozet Library has agreed to display the story board. We do need permission to print your pictures and comments. Please join in creating a Crozet trails storyboard by clicking on the link Trails in the Time of COVID which will guide you through the process of attaching pictures and comments about your experience on the trails.

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Back to School?

Three things

Albemarle County School’s page with information on the logistics of going back to school this fall.

At its retreat on June 26, the Albemarle County School Board voted to reopen schools on Tuesday, September 8. Details around the opening of schools, including instructional schedules and bus transportation information, will be presented to the school board on Thursday, July 9. Read the news release »

CCAC Meeting – 8 July 2020 | Land Use, Bike/Ped

I’m going to try to live-tweet this one. #CCAC0720

How to participate


Download Zoom. Use this link
to register for the meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Use this link to register for the meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Dial (301) 715-8592. Type in the Webinar ID and Password provided in your email.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Agenda, From the Crozet Community Association site

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No Crozet Fireworks? Ok, Fireworks all over Crozet

The Crozet Fireworks were canceled due to COVID-19, but that didn’t stop numerous neighborhood displays all over Crozet. The fireworks we saw right next to our neighborhood, the ones we saw in the near distance, and the ones mentioned on Twitter were impressive. Sitting outside in the street with my family watching fireworks was a nice gift.

Thanks to our neighbors who paid for, and put on the shows, and thanks for stopping at a reasonable hour!

Crozet’s Derecho – 8 Years Ago

Crozet Fireworks were canceled. Trains were quiet. Power was out. Very few had generators, so Crozet was quiet.

The Derecho was 8 years ago. A storm came, ripped off shingles, knocked out power for a week, it was freaking hot, trees were down everywhere. Crozet Fire Department was distributing water. It was so hot.

The people at Mudhouse were manually grinding coffee, music was playing on a radio, and they were boiling water on their gas stove to make the community coffee.

Facebook was already awful, and Twitter was already better for rapid information dissemination.

A few photos I dug up from my old photos