ToughMudder in Wintergreen

Our own Anytime Fitness is putting a team together for the Tough Mudder in Wintergreen this October. October 22 & 23 if you’re interested.

Anytime Fitness (Crozet, Lovingston, Ruckersville) is working on getting a team together to participate on Saturday October 23rd at Wintergreen.  We would love to ask the community to participate with us.  The more the merrier.  Anytime Fitness will have a cottage for the participants that evening to have fun after the event.  

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3 Replies to “ToughMudder in Wintergreen”

  1. Did you take a look at the race course. Of particular interest is:

    17. Electroshock Therapy
    Release your inner demons as you spring through a field of live wires, some of which carry a 10,000 volt shock.

    I’ve run a marathon, but this just looks a touch extreme.

  2. Thanks for Posting this Jim! My brother and I are registered, this is a great replacement for those of us who used to drink a lot, but now need a more “mature” outlet…electroshock mud course!!!

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