CCAC Meeting – 18 April 2018

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Meeting at the Crozet Library
Wednesday, April 18 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM1
Click here for PDF (printable) version of the agenda.


1. Agenda Review. (Allie Pesch – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes (Draft minutes of March 28, 2017 meeting)

3. Welcome New Members

4. Bucks Elbow Mountain Radio Tower replacement (Gabe Elias, Cville-UVA-Albemarle ECC – 30min)

5. WAHS Wireless Tower Special Use Permit (SUP) update (5 min)

6. Discussion on Crozet Master Plan Update Statement to PC & BoS (All – 60 min)

Click here for Draft Resolution on Crozet Master Plan

7. Items Not Listed on the Agenda

8. Announcements

9. Potential Future Agenda Items

  • May – Western Park Master Plan Update (Bob Crickenberger, Albemarle County)
  • June – Crozet Drinking Water Infrastructure Plan Update (Mr. Mawyer ACSA/RWSA)
  • Summer – Albemarle County Stormwater Utility Plans (Greg Harper, Albemarle County Environmental Services Chief)


CCAC Overview & Duties

Eastern Avenue Coming … Soon?

Eastern Avenue – connecting Westlake, Westhall, Brookwood, etc. will be opening … soon.

Well, part of it, at least. Fingers crossed.

From Charlottesville Tomorrow in 2016

Eastern Avenue is envisioned by the Crozet Master Plan — a part of the county’s Comprehensive Plan — as a connection between Route 240 and U.S. 250.

In a proffer statement dated May 16, the owner is offering 15 percent of the units for affordable housing, in addition to a dedication of greenway trail space and a bike and pedestrian tunnel underneath Eastern Avenue.

Reminder: This road has been planned for years and years, and will eventually connect downtown Crozet, 240, and 250.

This is from 2006

Eastern Avenue – This is a second major north-south Master Plan road that will connect Rt. 240 and Rt. 250 generally from the area around Western Ridge and the Conagra plant to an area near Cory Farms. An alignment study of Eastern Avenue and design of the Lickinghole Creek Bridge, a major feature of Eastern Avenue, are being programmed in the County’s Capital Improvements Program (CIP). The road itself is expected to be built as part of private development, while the bridge is anticipated to be a future CIP project. The County has begun preliminary discussions with developers who control the property to determine an effective alignment of the road

From C-Ville in February 2018

“We’ve worked hard for the past 10 years, so it would be great to finally take some steps,” says Ann Mallek, chair of the Albemarle Board of Supervisors and representative of the White Hall District, which includes Crozet, where two connector road projects are in the works.

One would connect Route 240 to Route 250 through Park Ridge Drive and the Cory Farm subdivision.

The proposed Eastern Avenue Connector, which runs north-south, still has two major portions that need to be constructed, says Kevin McDermott, transportation planner for Albemarle County.



Looks like I won’t be able to get much use out of these photoshopped signs.


Coming soon?

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Drink it Forward – For Crozet Park

Thursday, 12 April 2018.

Beer at Rooftop.

For Charity. (and community)

Tip: Ride a bike or walk. It’s going to be 75º at 6pm tomorrow.

Each month Nest Realty hosts a social soiree to benefit a different organization or charity. This month we’ve teamed up with Piedmont Place to benefit Claudius Crozet Park, Inc.

Thursday, April 12th, starting at 5:30pm, we’ll have a keg tapped and flowing at The Rooftop Crozet. All you have to do is ask for the Nest keg! We’ll have a donation box available that you can drop a $5, $10 or $20, if so moved.



*real estate disclosure: many readers know that I am a realtor and Partner at Nest Realty

April Adult Events at Crozet Library

So much cool stuff at Crozet Library. The sheer volume of cool and interesting things the Library offers is astonishing.

via email –

We have some great programs lined up for you this April – tomorrow come stretch out with Essentrics at 10am. Don’t forget that you can now register for programs online or register over the phone (+14348234050 )! Next Monday, we’ll have Richard Leahy discussing his book Beyond Jefferson’s Vines, so come learn about Virginia wine-making while you snack on a cheese spread and sparkling drinks.

Age Reversing Essentrics: Stretch & Tone

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CCAC Recap – March 2018

Another interesting meeting. Really. I’m using a new tool, wakelet, to aggregate the tweets. It’s not as user-friendly, but it’s what I have.

  • They’re still talking about the wireless tower that might be coming to WAHS
  • CCAC invited school board members to meeting previously, and none came?
  • Master Plan discussion
    • Redevelopment will be coming
    • Centurylink & Comcast are expanding service; I heard them mention Greenwood
    • One audience member called out the CCAC – said they’ve talked for 3 meetings about all the good data they have, but haven’t done anything.
    • I never hear anyone propose how to pay for things.
    • Discussion about the trails (more focus & energy need to be put on the trails; they are an exceptional part of Crozet – and since no roads or bike lanes are going to be built, the trails need to be more of an essential part of infrastructure.
      • Why, why, why, is the connection from Cory Farm to the downtown Crozet side not in place?
    • Freddy Wineberg from Foxchase rose to advocate for more infrastructure, that’s not solely automobile centric. (paraphrasing – “we are a lesser community if we a building where we have to get in cars.“)

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Apartments Coming to Old Trail

from the Old Trail developer: (remember – they told us about this years ago)

We are providing follow up information on the work being done along Old Trail Drive at the School Trail area. We have completed the utility work and are continuing with the pond conversion so we kindly ask that folks use the Trail detours and respect the signage and fencing. We apologize for this inconvenience and expect the work to be finished on this west side in another 60 days.

There has been some discussion of a luxury apartment project coming to Old Trail and we are pleased to officially announce this new project coming to the area along the West side of Old Trail Drive from the Golf Drive/Old Trail Drive Roundabout south to the trail connector across the pond work. We will provide more information about this at our next Neighborhood meeting on April 25th in Restoration Hall but the work for this project could begin within the next two weeks.

Lastly, we are also pleased to announce that our Commercial Development will be expanding for a Retail / Apartment project on the open lot on the North East corner of Old Trail Drive and Ashlar. As we continue to grow, we realize this may create limited access into the Townhome parking lot off Ashlar. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and recommend using the Mornington Place access to these homes.

We realize the inconvenience of all this construction and appreciate everyone’s cooperation on respecting the signs and detours.

The Vue Begins


email from a friend and client:

I don’t know the young boys name…but his heart was so heavy losing the woods where only little boys know of the magic. These developers are ripping away so much from these children.

Blue Ridge Rd to Cling “are goners.” Boys told me rabbits, frogs, crayfish, bear, fox deer and beaver will all lose their habitat. They told me the creek is already filled with mud so the fish and frogs no longer have clean water…especially with the trash as seen in the photo. Boys said the oil from cars and new asphalt will ruin our water. These kids are wise about the environment- but are the adults?

I would be happy for you to post it. I don’t know if I needed the young boys permission  (Jim’s note: I didn’t post it) …but he was brushing tears away as he told me how much this woods meant to him. He went on home and his friend took us to the large waterfall they are guarding. They swim there and are so frightened that the water cleanliness will disappear so they won’t be able to swim there…

Before that I was just staring in dismay at the woods across from Haden and neighbors came out to talk to me in total sadness. One woman said her grandfather built the beautiful old home across from the Vue. She talked for a long time, much as the boys had talked.