Crozet Community Garage Closed

I saw the sign on 2 May when coming back from a bike ride.

I don’t know the story, only that they’re closed, and I wonder what’s to come on that site.

*I’m writing this story because I’ve gotten quite a few emails and texts asking what happened to the Crozet Community Garage.

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CCAC May 2018 Recap | Western Park, Crozet Survey

Two big things were discussed in last night’s CCAC meeting – the Western Park, and the  Crozet Master Plan update resolution.  I’ll leave the story telling to others, but will share highlights, many of which can be found in the tweets, if you’re so inclined. (also, below, after the jump)



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CCAC Meeting 16 May 2018 | More on the Crozet Survey

Local government in action, folks.

#CCAC0518 for those who’ll follow along on Twitter.

via email:


The Crozet Library
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


1. Agenda Review (Allie Pesch – CCAC chair)
2. Approval of Minutes (Draft minutes previous meetings: April and March)
3. Western Park Master Plan Update (Bob Crickenberger, Albemarle County Parks and Recreation, and David Anhold,  Anhold Associates – 50 min)
4. Mini-Review of the 2017 Crozet Community Survey Method and Results (Shawn Bird – 20 min)
5. Discussion of Crozet Master Plan Update Statement to PC & BoS (All–20min) Updated Draft Crozet Master Plan update resolution–May 2018

6. Items Not Listed on the Agenda
7. Announcements
8. Potential Future Agenda Items
a. Jun-Crozet Drinking Water Infrastructure Plan Update (Mr. Mawyer ACSA/RWSA)
b. Summer- Albemarle County Stormwater Utility Plans (Greg Harper, Env. Services Chief)

Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival – 12/13 May 2018

via email –

The Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival is this weekend and we are still in need of volunteers!!! If you have just a couple of hours that you can volunteer this weekend that would be great! The Crozet Arts and Crafts Festival is May 12/13 at Claudius Crozet Park and we invite you to take part! Come set up the Festival, check in Exhibitors, sell tickets, pour wine and beer, and more – your time and dedication makes the Festival possible! Plus, you get free admission all weekend, just for donating a couple hours of your time! Please sign up to volunteer at the sign up genius.

The Festival is held bi-annually as a benefit for Claudius Crozet Park, a registered non-profit owned and operated by the community of Crozet.


How does local government work? – Albemarle’s Comp Plan

On 15 May at Piedmont Place at 7m, come learn about our how Albemarle County’s Comprehensive Plan works.  It’s going to be fun.

Gathering in the common area of Piedmont Place at 6:45, conversation starts at 7pm sharp, and we’ll aim to end no later than 8:15 or 8:30.

Lee Cilimberg, one of the most knowledgeable about Albemarle County Government people I know, and Sean Tubbs, someone who knows more about local government intricacies and ways than I’ll ever know, and Wayne Cilimberg, former Director of Planning at Albemarle County who he rode herd on the comp plan for many years and will have lots of answers.

The Comprehensive Plan is Albemarle County’s most important document regarding growth, development and change. It establishes government policy to help guide public and private activities as they relate to land use and resource utilization. It is the basis for land development regulations and decisions (rezonings, special use permits), capital improvements (public projects such as schools, parks, libraries), transportation, environmental and historic resource protection initiatives, new county programs and decisions on the distribution of county budget dollars to a multitude of programs and agencies.

Come ready to listen. Come with questions.

Come and have a beer from the bottle shop, tacos at Morsel Compass, ice cream at the Creamery.

Evolving Crozet Market (née Great Valu)

The responses to this tweet led me to post here.

Bonus – 13 minute round-trip bike ride from home to sushi and back. Related story/tweet at the end.


The Trail Ahead

Courtesy Erik Hultgren

Courtesy Erik Hultgren

Charting a viable path for Mint Springs development.

Residents in and around Albemarle County are blessed with amazing outdoor recreational resources. As a mountain biker, trail runner and outdoor enthusiast, I find the availability of trail to be pretty darn good. As a relatively recent resident of Crozet, I love being able to pedal my way over to Mint Springs, drop a few PSI from my tires, and climb up and down that mountain a few times before returning home. Its a wonderful out-and-back workout. I regularly encounter trail users of all kinds…hikers, dog walkers, cyclists…we exchange pleasantries and go about enjoying the great outdoors.

Make no mistake: Mint Springs is a treasure.

It has history, wildlife, and plenty of rocks and roots to keep everyone on their toes. Some of us in this community are aware of the expanses of the park beyond the existing, marked trail system, and given the elevation and acreage, we’ve always had an itch for more. Runners, hikers and cyclists alike all seem to want to go higher, travel further and see more. I’ve engaged with fellow cyclists, runners, hikers, and County officials off and on for the last several years in discussion about this topic. We’ve done some discovery hikes, studied maps, and drawn squiggly lines from point A to point B, but we’ve made no real progress.

Ah progress…a double-edged sword.

The counter-point to any further development often centers on protecting the wilderness. And given my love of nature, I can sympathize with those on that side of the fence. I’ve encountered a decent sized black bear head-on while riding on Fire Trail, and it was awesome! But I can also zoom out, both figuratively and literally (in Google Earth), and see that there is no shortage of wilderness surrounding Mint Springs. I hear and value conservative approaches to protecting wilderness, but I also believe that we can find a better balance at Mint Springs.

I’ve recently discovered that some have taken to carving their own, new “rogue” trails at Mint Springs. I quickly engaged the County to ensure that this wasn’t a planned activity (which I was fairly sure it wasn’t), and of course, it is not. This approach will not win any favor with the County. In fact, they will now likely dedicate resources to closing these trails and “restoring” nature. I find this all very unsettling. I ask that anyone that is actively venturing off the marked trails to cease. Mint Springs is not your personal playground. You want more. I want more. Many of us want more. So where do we go from here?

Historically, we have been a fragmented user-base.

We approach the County with small numbers, with small ideas, and we get brushed aside. I propose that we attempt to unify. Let’s get the Crozet Trail Crew, the Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club (CAMBC), the #runCrozet folks, the Crozet Cycling Club, and all other interested parties to come to the table and voice their ideas. Let’s develop our own “master” plan, unify our resources, and take it to to the County. Based on my experience to date, this may be the only way we are able to get traction.

Your neighbor and lover of all things outdoors,

Kevin Murray

P.S. While I have your attention, let me also say that Mountain Bikers can get a pretty bad rap. We can be portrayed as reckless trail hogs, blasting down the mountain with reckless abandon, destroying trails as we drag our wheels through switchbacks. And I know that this contingent exists…I see it on TV and on very rare occasions, I see them on the trails. But let me assure you: it is not the norm. CAMBC represents an outstanding group of trail stewards, backed by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). They build and maintain lasting trails. And the vast majority of the bikers I know are responsible trail advocates that understand trail etiquette. Additionally, the youth mountain bike scene is exploding in area High Schools, being taught by folks I respect that I know will put these kids on the path of responsible trail use. More kids outdoors: that is a win. Let’s work together to keep outdoor recreation awesome for everyone.


Courtesy Erik Hultgren

CCAC Meeting – 18 April 2018

*Anyone able to go and tweet the meeting? #CCAC0418

Thanks to Crozet Community’s site:


Meeting at the Crozet Library
Wednesday, April 18 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM1
Click here for PDF (printable) version of the agenda.


1. Agenda Review. (Allie Pesch – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes (Draft minutes of March 28, 2017 meeting)

3. Welcome New Members

4. Bucks Elbow Mountain Radio Tower replacement (Gabe Elias, Cville-UVA-Albemarle ECC – 30min)

5. WAHS Wireless Tower Special Use Permit (SUP) update (5 min)

6. Discussion on Crozet Master Plan Update Statement to PC & BoS (All – 60 min)

Click here for Draft Resolution on Crozet Master Plan

7. Items Not Listed on the Agenda

8. Announcements

9. Potential Future Agenda Items

  • May – Western Park Master Plan Update (Bob Crickenberger, Albemarle County)
  • June – Crozet Drinking Water Infrastructure Plan Update (Mr. Mawyer ACSA/RWSA)
  • Summer – Albemarle County Stormwater Utility Plans (Greg Harper, Albemarle County Environmental Services Chief)


CCAC Overview & Duties