Paulowlina Trees – Purple and Invasive

Riding up to Mint Springs (one of the great parts of Crozet)the other day, and we wondered, “what kind of trees are those?” The purple ones that stand out, and look out of place?

Those trees are Paulowina Trees, or Princess Trees, and they are an invasive species.

“As pretty as they are, they’re unfortunately problematic as an invasive tree that aggressively displaces many of our native trees and plants.”

Regarding what to do about them, “This is a tricky one because it repeatedly sprouts even when cut down. Pulling seedlings early helps, but very careful, targeted application of an herbicide is often called for on the cut stumps.”

Summary: Paulownia tomentosa can be controlled most effectively using an integrated management approach. Cutting or girdling trees with power or manual saws are effective at preventing seed production, but repeated cutting or a herbicide treatment is necessary following cutting since Paulownia readily resprouts.

Thanks to Jessie and Traci for answering my question!

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