Road to Somewhere in Crozet

The Daily Progress picks up on a conversation we’ve had here a few times … what’s up with the Road to Somewhere? Also known as Library Street?

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But construction won’t stop there.

In coming years, Library Avenue will extend to Park Ridge Court, the plans entails, and provide a connection to Three Notch’d Road. Cory Farm Road will be extended into a proposed Eastern Avenue, under the Master Plan, ultimately running from Rockfish Gap Turnpike to Three Notch’d Road.

The new roadways are part of a network of interconnected streets to be built in and nearby downtown Crozet.

“Ultimately, it’s designed to help provide better and easier access to downtown to revitalize that area and help improve the economic vitality,” said Elaine Echols, senior planner with Albemarle County.

My thought: Don’t Hold Your Breath. This sign is from the Cory Farm neighborhood indicating where the Eastern Avenue (not the Eastern Connector , another road in Albemarle that may be built by the time my grandkids are driving flying cars) will go. One day.


The Charlottesville/Crozet area lost the 804 area code June 1, 2001.

1 – It’s an 804 area code
2 – They misspelled “development”

Rather than replace the sign, save the money for a road.

Most people know not to assume that things aren’t going to change.

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13 Replies to “Road to Somewhere in Crozet”

  1. If I may, I’d like to post a few of my favorite comments from the DP comment section.nnPosted by County_Farmer on March 16, 2011 – 11:01 a.m.nnA 6-9M library is a waste; good money after bad. Who goes to a library any more with the internet available? A foods of all nations store would be a better plan and generate taxes as well.nnPosted by jogger on March 16, 2011 – 4:06 a.m.nnThe road is good for the future of crozet…What I can’t understand is why a few people are in sure a rush to build a library…You’ve got a library already and everytime I go by there there seems to be very few cars in the lot….the bigger waste of money is building a new library…n

    1. Snark snark, DP attracts a lot of strange fellows writing dumb knee jerk letters -peferably published by the goolish simple editor- or comments online. I use the library a lot, and enjoy reading books, so do many others. Also parking is at times a problem due to crowds in the library, believe it or not, it happens. (The folks glued to their internet won’t notice). Also these times are perfect for building projects: cheap! When the economy (may) improve in the future, costs will rise. Now is the time. And, it actually will put people to work. Wow, something positive for a change.

      1. nnnnnnnWell, since they are called “dumb knee jerk letters” what are the facts? A library used to be a grand old building like banks used to be. What are libraries used for now? Whats the current mix of actual books to digital media? Is it wise to spend County money on a multi million dollar building that will have to be staffed and maintained for years to come? Is spending this type of money fair to the rest of the County since the people who want this don’t seem to want to pay for it? The old Crozet Schoolnwould of been a fine library but, no, the unelected said. Thisnbuilding is not usable even though it sure is being used now…nI have to give the Crozet Pool people credit even though I do not agree with them. They know what they want and were willing to go out and get what they need to do it. Instead of nagging and begging local govt. What we have allowed to happen is to allow local government by committee. The mostnineffective and wasteful form. It spends millions on studies andnconsultants which have to be done constantly to double checknon other sudies and consultants. It elects people who are notnleaders and without common sense. It builds roads to no wherenwith nothing on them. If times are so cheap for building, whyndon’t you double the size of your house? Getting the money to pay for it could be one problem. Which is all tied to the current economic situation. It is all wants and needs. Not finding a parking space close at lunch time is not a crisis. We have a library. The rescue squad needs a new building. Since none of you will ever get out of this world alive which of these will sooner or later catch up with you…nnnnnnnnnn

        1. Hi, Edward. Can you clarify what the “Crozet pool people” are doing? Do you mean the committee that keeps the pool operating? If so, I’m on that committee (albeit only for two years so far), and what we do is keep the pool operating. If you’re talking about the whole park/dome/YMCA endeavor, that would be the PARC committee, which is a separate entity. (We have no shared members, although we try to talk to each other every now and then so as not to be working at cross purposes.) The Pool Committee handles the day-to-day operations of the pool; our focus is on getting the pool staffed, ready, and open this summer. As a relatively new committee member, I have been really taken aback by the amount of hard feelings there are towards this committee. I don’t know the history; I just know we work hard to break even (not make money!) and make it a good community pool with safe and fun events. Thanks. -Katrien

          1. nnnnnnnI won’t get into Pool politics but whatever they are up to they seem to be doing it the right way.nThey don’t claim things that do not fall under their domain, they keep a decent place open, nthey do not constantly beg local govt to do things for them. If they want a dome over theirnpool and are willing to pay for it, it is fine with me…

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