Crozet’s water supply is sufficient

From a letter to the editor in the DailyProgress , (that’s a dead link to DP) written by J.W. Brent, ACSA’s Executive Director

To facilitate orderly development as envisioned in the Comprehensive Plan, many millions of dollars have been invested in establishing the water and sewer infrastructure in Crozet. In addition to developing the utility backbone for future development, the authority is committed to maintaining the reliability of service to existing customers in Crozet. A $1.7 million project is currently under construction to replace existing water lines in the downtown area and residential areas north of downtown. There are no requests for water or sewer service or complaints of inadequate service in Crozet that have not been dealt with by the service authority.

Sometimes it just seems like there ought to be problems created by the growth in Crozet. Another case of facts trumping perception? Now, let’s talk about mass transit!

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