Planning for School Growth

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An architectural consulting firm told the Albemarle County School Board on Thursday that the county would soon need new high school facilities to accommodate growing enrollment and implement innovative educational programs.

“We have to look at what the competition is doing around the world and around the country, and do what makes sense for the benefit of our kids and their education,” said Board member Jonno Alcaro.

The division forecasts much more rapid growth at Western Albemarle High School  in Crozet. Enrollment at WAHS is expected to increase by more than 21 percent, reaching a high of 1,335 in 2024.

A planned 10,000 square-foot addition of science classroom space at WAHS, scheduled for completion in 2019, was not factored into the study’s capacity calculations.

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7 Replies to “Planning for School Growth”

  1. An email commenter offers:

    “We will need another one or two elementary schools and another middle school to handle projected growth in Crozet. Brownsville already has too many students. Henley is too big too. Crozet Elementary is close to optimum size for an elementary. They of course will want to add on there and ruin it.”

    1. Do we need volunteers or people who actually have the expertise
      to move things in the right direction?? The amounts of money thrown away by the County on consultant’s fees should be viewed as an embarrassment.

  2. Local citizen involvement yes, volunteers for the ” Long Range Planning Committee”, no… You cannot run a successful business
    like that or a County division. Committees are the most ineffective
    way of getting anything done.

    1. I believe they are one in the same if you read the application. You have to be a local citizen in the district to be appointed to be on the committee.

  3. “The Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee is responsible for developing capital improvement program recommendations for the Superintendent and School Board. The term of office is two years and begins upon formal appointment. Applications are being accepted to represent the Jack Jouett, Rio, Rivanna, Samuel Miller, and Scottsville magisterial districts and for an At-Large position. Applicants must live in the magisterial district for which they apply, while at-large applicants can reside anywhere in the county.”

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