Readers’ Forum 10-26-2006 – Crozet Library

Library meeting: Real chance to be heard, or PR obfuscation?

Can our voices make a difference, or has the County already decided where to put the library? Is the listening sincere or just a calculated strategy, in reaction to Crozetians’ anger over Old Trail and the way those plans changed?

All that cynicism aside, here is my main question after the library meeting: why do none of the proposed buildings (never mind the sites) have the 22,500 square feet they’d like without future additions? Why are we already planning a building that is too small? And if it’s true that Mountainside is planning to move, and who knows when the new Main Street will be built, and maybe they’ll build a new elementary school . . . how can you choose a site for a community centerpiece when the things you’re using to decide seem to be shifting under your feet? I’ve never made a $5 million choice, so I worry about making the right one. But maybe the goal is to make the choice right, rather than make the right choice?

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