US Joiner coming to Crozet

In one of the few reasons to read the print version of the Daily Progress, they had a story yesterday about US Joiner moving from Waynesboro to Crozet. The article made it sound like they are going to bring high quality jobs to the area. This could be a very good move for them and for Crozet. As soon as the article gets put online, I’ll post it.

Update: I still cannot find the article in the DP online, but The HooK had this blurb –

Best get for Crozet: US Joiner, which designs and installs ship interiors, will be moving from Waynesboro to a new facility on Three Notched Road that should be completed in 11 months. The company will employ around 40 people, according to David Hendrick in the DP.

This is what the site looks like now. I contacted them in an attempt to develop a relocation relationship with them, but they already have a Realtor relationship. At least I tried.

Img 1002

Img 1001

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