Kokopelli’s is moving (sort of)

Crozet’s best (and only) coffee shop, Kokopelli’s sent out this email this afternoon.

Kokopelli’s is reaching new heights!  That’s right, we are moving upstairs! We have been made many offers to buy Kokopelli’s since the first week we opened. Well, we have one now that we would be fools to pass up. But
Kokopelli’s is not closing.  We are opening a coffeehouse/cafe upstairs, in the same building, under the name 2nd Floor Joe.

We will be offering breakfast and lunch, 7 days a week, from 8 am to 5 pm.

Taking over the dinner and music business will be Charlie Mayer, opening “Uncle Charlie’s Smokehouse,” featuring great BBQ and other treats.  Both businesses should open around Thanksgiving.

Being the only hotspot in town is a nice deal too, I hope that continues. One day I was in there and saw an iPod running the music during the day and found out that the Scots, owners of Kokopelli’s, are mac people too – good to have around!

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