May 2017 CCAC Meeting Recap

Thanks to @CrozetCommunity for tweeting it. (I wonder how/if any other Crozetians would be interested in attending/tweeting?)

Some interesting nuggets in here … I can’t underestimate how important both the meetings are, and the need for citizen attendance and oversight.

Update – here’s the video of the meeting, thanks to the Crozet Gazette.

The Tweets



via the CCAC listserv

Small $ projects include:

  1. Crozet Park Improvements, including consideration of new amenities such as disc golf, exercise stations, and a drone course. (8) [340] Kim
  2. Crushed stone for the Crozet Connector Trail* (5) [296]  Phil
  3. Streetscape streetlight decorations – holiday lights/wreaths; hanging flower baskets with watering tubes; Crozet banners  [234] Leslie

Large $ projects include:

  1. The Square Improvements to address parking, drainage, runoff, sidewalk issues, as well as walkability to the north side the railroad tracks. Consider public/private partnerships to implement. (10) [274] Dave
  2. Development of Western Park, including a park master plan, design, and construction. State grants should be pursued, in addition to proffer funds and County funding. (5) [273] Jim
  3. Bike/Pedestrian Path along Three Notch’d Road/Route 240 connecting residential subdivisions to downtown. (7) [162] Phil
  4. Trail Improvements throughout Crozet. This would include crushed stone for the connector trail*; expansion of trails to all Crozet subdivisions and to downtown and 250 West; create a comprehensive signage system to unify trails and create an identity for the system; create a multi-use trail along Three Notch’d Road to connect residential subdivisions to downtown; pedestrian bridge over Lickinghole Creek. (18) [150] Phil
  5. Keep Crozet a small town look and feel Leslie
  6. Youth-Oriented Park Amenities. Amenities should consider opportunities for non-organized sports, including outdoor basketball courts, ball fields, a pump track, disc golf, a drone course, exercise stations, and a skate park*. (9) Kim


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  1. Gosh, I hate Twitter. No comprehensive thought is possible in 140 characters. Is a voice-to-text option available on a smartphone?

    Agree: Fix The Square…every $ toward that.

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