Crozet’s Office and School Supply Store

Saved me yesterday. They offer printing and copying services.

Crozet School and office supply

Located in the Great Valu shopping center. Go; support a local business.

Their phone number is 434-823-1018.

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6 Replies to “Crozet’s Office and School Supply Store”

    1.  I agree on both accounts. In general, the store is well stocked and provides great service for a moderate price, and their printing/photo copying services are exceptional.

  1. Is this place even open anymore? I have gone by on several occasions (during posted business hours) and no one can be found. It’s very frustrating. I want to do business locally but also need to depend on them being available.

    1. Kelly –

      They are open. Please continue to visit them. I use them all the time and understand that occasionally small businesses have odd hours. Please do try to shop local!

    2. I had that same experience last year, but starting in January, they hired a full-time employee named Natalie, who quite reliably keeps the store open during posted business hours.

  2. I went here yesterday (June 9), and this is my new favorite store (besides Over the Moon!).  Teachers, there is everything here you need–paper, board markers, plan books, manipulatives, games, craft supplies, etc.  And even though they are in the middle a move and a little discombobulated, they found just what I needed in the store room and went out of their way to get me a good price.  If they can compete with prices on ink and things like that, I will be in heaven!

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