Minutes of the Crozet Community Association Meeting – 12 November 2009

Editor’s note on two of the items below:

1 – Regarding participation and publicizing the Crozet Community Association – if anyone ever wants to write a story (or three or five) about the Crozet Community Association, please feel free to submit it to RealCrozetVA.

2 – Having Homeowner’s Association Presentations each meeting is a great idea.

Staying involved in the Crozet Community is a great thing. If you can, make time to attend the next Crozet Community Association meeting!

These are the minutes as I received them via email:

New Business

It was discussed, motioned, and approved to provide a Good Neighbor Award to Linda and Danny Patterson. They have recently sold their flower shop. Quietly, with little/no recognition they have made numerous contributions to the Crozet community. Mike Marshall will provide the wording to go on the plaque. Judi Burbes will order the plaque for presentation at the January meeting.

Mike Marshall spoke on several items. To summarize the previous meeting of the CCAC (regarding the Master Plan re-visit), Mike indicated that the result was “residential areas should be residential, not mixed use. Discussion arose about developing trails through-out Crozet, but most immediately along roadsides (e.g. Jarmans Gap Road, Railroad Ave.) where there actually is allocated footage. This would allow for walking from Old Trail (for example) to downtown. Mike indicated the CCAC will take the lead so this item is not dropped.

On Nov 19, the CCAC was sponsoring the next topic of the Master Plan revisit: Downtown.

There was considerable discussion on the Streetscape project, and a new proposal for parking at the dry cleaners (yet to be approved by the alley off the current Square. The concern was also expressed that as various discussions are held with the property owners involved with the Streetscape that the funding might be pulled to be used elsewhere in the county.

Discussion arose about participation in CCA. It was suggested that an article should be written for the “Crozet Gazette”, highlighting the contributions, goals, and purpose of the Crozet community Association. Mike will pursue this.

Ray McCauley announced that he has petitions that citizens can sign to keep the Landfill open.

Homeowners’ Association Presentation

(NOTE: This is a new presentation that is planned to become a standing item of business at each meeting. The goal is for the community in general to learn about activities and issues occurring within the various neighborhoods and to share in solutions.)

David Foreman, President of Grayrock and Grayrock North, spoke to the group. He indicated that all the buildout for Grayrock appears to be complete (3 lots remaining do not seem to be planned for development). The major issue that the homeowners had been facing over the summer was vandalism. Homeowners increased their nighttime lighting, had fences built, and improved lighting in general. However, the problem drastically decreased when the school session began in the fall.

David also mentioned the ongoing concern of maintenance of the trails around the 2 ponds, the corresponding dam and liability associated with all of these for the Grayrock Association.

He had very positive feedback for the blending of their students into Brownsville. Many kudos to the teachers and staff at Brownsville!!!

Discussion had occurred earlier in the meeting regarding ways to increase attendance at the CCA meetings. David indicated that their association had the same issues of poor attendance and difficulty in finding individuals with the time to lead and participate in the association Hopefully, as common issues and solutions are developed there will be increased involvement in all such associations.

As a result of David’s presentation, it was agreed that the May 2010 meeting of the CCA should include a topic to address summertime vandalism, and include specific invitations to all homeowners’ associations as well as Albemarle County Police/Sheriffs representatives.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m.

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