How Do you Get to the Blue Ridge Tunnel?

I’m updating this 2009 post in 2022 because a lot has changed, and people keep coming to this page. 🙂

The Blue Ridge Tunnel is open to the public, no more searching and scrounging around for how to get there.

The only tip I’ll offer: take a headlamp.

The 2009 post. (wow – a lot has changed in 13 years!

Someone asked me via the RealCrozetVA meebo widget last night:

Does anyone know how to get to the western entrance of the Crozet tunnel by Waynesboro?”

Here are the answers I have found so far –

Notes from Cville:

To get to the Waynesboro entrance, park alongside 250 at the train bridge overpass between Rockfish Gap and Waynesboro. (We parked just beyond the guardrail on the Waynesboro side. It seems a little sketchy but there was another car there when we left.) There is a dirt road next to the overpass that leads up toward the tunnel. It’s on the Waynesboro side of the bridge on the southern side of the road. It quickly leads up to the tracks. Cross there and then pick up the trail on the other side. Follow it until you get to the tunnel. About a 100 feet from the entrance you’ll feel cold air.

The other end of the tunnel is simpler to access. From Waynesboro, head back over the mountain on 250. Take a right on 6 toward Afton. Take a right on Afton Depot Lane before the tracks. Pass the old train station on the left, now an attorney’s office. Take the road to the end where there’s a spot to park. Follow the dirt road/path to the other end of the tunnel.

Curbplaces:dead link.

After we had seen the Afton side we went to the Waynesboro side of the tunnel.  We parked at the animal hospital off 250 after you pass 64 and walked from there (they have a nice little bridge that leads over the creek.)  You have to cross 250 to get onto the trail.  There isn’t much of a trail leading to the tunnel and there were thorn bushes everywhere.  I have some nice cuts even through my jeans from the thorns.

If you happen to go to the Blue Ridge Tunnel, please let us know!

… Naturally I asked on Twitter, and the winning response goes to @justincbeck:

@JimDuncan I know how to get to the east entrance… I suppose you can get to the west entrance from there… 😉

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23 Replies to “How Do you Get to the Blue Ridge Tunnel?”

  1. Thanks for the directions! It was a pretty easy find from the Afton side and definitely worth the short hike.

    We traveled the entire length of the tunnel – just be prepared for potentially knee deep freezing water on the Afton end and crawling through two short drainage pipes. These pipes lead through the two walls that Kelly mentions above.

    Perhaps not for the feint of heart, but it made the experience that much more surreal.

  2. This is an update from Nelson County, the owners of the Blue Ridge Tunnel. The Tunnel is closed to the public at this time and any unauthorized persons entering at this time are trespassing. The Tunnel walls are not stable at this time. It is disappointing that some trespassers have been leaving trash and defacing the walls with graffiti.
    It is the County’s objective to restore the Tunnel and convert it to a pedestrian trail. Woolpert Inc, our architectural & engineering firm is in the process of determining the most feasible, cost effective methods for rehabilitation and design of the Tunnel and related trails. Once that is complete construction will begin as funds are made available.
    We appreciate your interest in the Tunnel, are working to make it safe for your enjoyment, and ask that you stay away until it’s completed

  3. That is frustrating that people have been trespassing and leaving trash. I’m excited about the rehabilitation of the tunnel so that it will be accessible to the public. Thanks for the update!

  4. I finally found time to trespass and find the West end of the tunnel (Waynesboro side) on Saturday, although we left no trash. We considered exploring the East end, but went to Mint Springs instead.

    Pretty neat experience: lots of “reverse” icecicles seemed to be growing up from the ground, like stalagmites. Next time I’ll go back with additional flashlights and someone who wants to venture further in. 🙂

    Jim, email me if you want to post some of our pictures.

  5. Just stumbled upon this from the site Atlas Obscura and wondered if the tunnel has been restored and opened to the public?

    1. Barbara,
      Thanks for your interest in the Claudius Crozet Blue Ridge Tunnel. Nelson County is in the process of restoring the tunnel and building trails to access it. At this time the tunnel is NOT open to the public. Any unauthorized persons either in the tunnel or on private land(from Rte 250 or Afton) leading to the tunnel are trespassing.

  6. A project of this size takes considerable planning, designing, and funding. We expect to begin restoring the interior of the tunnel this Fall with the help of a VDOT Enhancement grant and a Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Recreational Trails Program Grant.
    Thank you for your interest and your patience while we complete this project.

  7. Place is haunted saw 2 shadows that looked like people and started chasing after me and my friend

  8. On the Afton side access to the tunnel is closed – big “No Trespassing” signs. Can’t see the tunnel from the parking area. Doesn’t look, from the progress thermometer, like it’ll be ready any time soon.

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