Brief Notes for 2009-06-28

  • Strictly from a housing point of view, Title II -Building Efficiency of Clean Energy & Security bill -is bad. Very bad. #
  • Shame there were no fireworks yesterday. What happened? #
  • Fireworks at 10:30 tonight? You'd think more people would know about it. #
  • Anyone taking photos of the parade today, please upload to flickr and tag with "crozet"! #
  • Heard a credible account of the Crozet Mountain Lion attacking a pony.Wish I had time to follow up w/ Albemarle Cnty Police & Animal Control #
  • @globedope @LarryHuffman The Crozet tunnel in reply to globedope #
  • "We all knew he was bringing hope & change …" Jon Stewart *rips* Obama for his "transparency" -Anyone paying attn? #
  • Question from a visitor: "does anyone know how to get to the western entrance of the crozet tunnel by Waynesboro?" #
  • Reading: Google Wave Goodbye Real Estate Brokerage As We Know It? #
  • RT @cvilletomorrow: We just posted our 1,000 entry on our News Center. Now we look forward to the next 1,000. [THANK YOU and Congrats!] #
  • Back on Seesmic for now. Tweetdeck is fantastic. Each has benefits. #
  • RT @hodgesmyers: Mudhouse in Crozet on home stretch… Happy owner. — Woo-hoo! I can't wait! #
  • The swim meet is *still* going on at Crozet Pool! There are worse things we could be listening to though 🙂 #
  • @gingergermani I'm working on whether there will be fireworks and will post shortly #
  • RT @cvillepiefest: 100 days until the Pie Fest!Interested in baking?Or judging?
    Otherwise lending a hand? #
  • Fireworks in Crozet this weekend? Anybody? #
  • Old Trail Town Center grand opening on 18 July. Fingers crossed! #
  • Looking at yet another foreclosure in Crozet – this one in Waylands Grant. Link coming soon. #
  • RT @JimDuncan: Crozet Volunteer Fire Dept. Car Show sign – – I like how this marketing is useful in our small town #
  • @BeeRealty I've blocked about 25 "people" in the past 36 hours. Frustrating. #dang in reply to BeeRealty #
  • Crozet Volunteer Fire Dept. Car Show sign – – I like how this marketing is useful in our small town #
  • Putting in a new listing, blocking lots of Twitter spammers this morning. #
  • RT @edmj: Just saw a big adult black bear crossing I-64 halfway between Richmond and Charlottesville. That was a surprise! — #

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