Crozet Week in Review – 29 August 2010

Lots of news and happenings this week in Crozet. My “twitter review” thing is broken, so I’ll be doing this manually today.

SundayIs Crozet Getting a “Downtown Mall”?

Monday$10 Miracle – Help Out Two Crozetians

TuesdayIs the Restore N Station getting built?

WednesdayStreetscape II Begins in Crozet – Want to know what all that dirt moving and construction on Crozet Ave is?

FridaySearching for Wireless/WiFi in Crozet

FridayRestore N Station *Does* Need a Special Use Permit

And a few select Tweets from the week:

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Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-08-15

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Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-08-15

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Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-08-08

  • SHOP LOCAL this tax exempt day – forget super stores come to Crozet School & Office Supply for your back to school needs. Open today 9 til 2 #
  • RT @gcrummie: Why does Crozet ACAC closes @ 1:30 on Fridays? Teachers would like to workout, but it is close. How can we change that? #
  • RT @CrozetGazette: Pick up your copy of the latest Crozet Gazette around town today, or download it here #
  • Fantastic lightning storm tonight. #
  • @CBS19Weather Correction. Here come the gusts. in reply to CBS19Weather #
  • @CBS19Weather Some winds, no gusty ones yet though in reply to CBS19Weather #
  • Big raindrops coming down in Crozet cc: @CBS19Weather #
  • @Rullmania Where’s the pickup soccer in Crozet? #
  • RT @CBS19Weather: Strong storm heading toward Crozet….Gusty winds and small hail possible. Greene also about to get hit by stormy weather. #
  • RT @NBC29: TRAFFIC ALERT: VDOT reports accident on I-64 at MM 105 (west of Crozet) in Albemarle County. Eastbound left lane is closed. #
  • RT @bradramsey: #trailside just made me a coffee 10 minutes before the “open” – I love #crozet and #allmyfavoriteplaces [amen] #
  • RT @Rullmania: Speed trap in #crozet on Old Trail Dr. as you approach the roundabout near the Village Center. [that’s a first, right?] #
  • Pickup soccer today at the Old Crozet School field at 5pm. #

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Trailside Coffee is 1, Greenhouse is Coming, Master Plan moving along

Fardowner’s Patio, Mudhouse Turns One, Brew Ridge Trail and more – Crozet’s week in Twitter

Crozet Twitter Updates – Brief Notes for 2010-07-04

  • Over the Moon Bookstore opens. #
  • [Obscenely good] RT @MudhouseCrozet: Fresh, hot Monkey Bread just went out of the kitchen. Sold the first whole (cont) #
  • RT @fluvannareview: FAST Noses Out Crozet Gators #
  • Walkthrough + closing then try to build new business. #
  • RT @JimDuncan: Amazing sky tonight in Crozet #
  • RT @OvertheMoonBook: We actually did it. We opened! And customers came in, browsed, and bought books and gifts (cont) #
  • Listening to the podcast of yesterday’s radio show; I’m 18 minutes in and my show notes are looong. We covered a lot. #
  • If anyone is looking for a babysitter/mother’s helper in Crozet, please DM me. I know a great one looking for work. I vouch 100% #

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