Crozet’s “Downtown Mall”?

Now that the Crozet Community Advisory Council has given their endorsement … what do the rest of you think?

A group that oversees planning in Crozet has endorsed a new concept to redevelop a lumber yard on the Square into a walkable and livable community similar to Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall.

“We need a pedestrian mall in Crozet,” said Mike Marshall, chairman of the Crozet Community Advisory Council. “This comes into Crozet’s life at a very fortunate time for us.”

The CCAC voted Thursday to recommend rezoning the 14.74-acre J. Bruce Barnes Lumber Yard and CSX railroad property to allow for future development as part of the Crozet Master Plan.

Once again, Charlottesville Tomorrow proves to be invaluable.

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6 Replies to “Crozet’s “Downtown Mall”?”

  1. As a somewhat newer and younger resident of Crozet I think this sounds like a great idea! In my opinion that lumber yard is in an odd spot anyway!

  2. Too bad they can’t just leave Crozet the way it is. With all the people pouring into the area, and all these proposed projects, it will soon go the way of Charlottesville–a formerly nice place to live spoiled by its own success.

  3. I think Charlottesville is a nice place. I like the idea of revitalizing a downtown as it shows a healthy community.

    I just hope that sidewalks are built linking to town as it would be silly to think people would drive to a location “to walk around”.

  4. Sidewalks linking to town?? Barnes is in the community of Crozet. Where are all the masses of people walking in Crozet? During the great parking space famine in the square people did not shout out for sidewalks. They
    wanted to drive and they wanted to park close. Nothing original here.
    Making a mini Charlottesville adds nothing to the area…

  5. It would be nice to have something else downtown. We don’t live within walking distance to OT, so to be able to have something more downtown that the east side can enjoy.

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