$10 Miracle – Help Out Two Crozetians

From a reader:

Jim, can you help spread the word about the efforts to help WAHS 2010 grads and cross country runners (twins) Sarah and Rebecca Gaunt whose Mom and step-dad were killed in a car accident a few weeks ago? Their college loan has been withdrawn because their mom was the guarantor. The community is rallying to pull off a miracle for them for a semester.

Donate here on facebook. Or paypal.

Or send a check:

Member One Federal Credit Union, PO BOX 12288, Roanoke VA 24024-2288. Make the check to Sarah and Rebecca Gaunt.

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3 Replies to “$10 Miracle – Help Out Two Crozetians”

  1. Thank you for this very worthy appeal, Jim.

    Might I suggest that those who are able might send $20 — i.e. $10 per twin sister — to help things along even more. My check’s in the mail!

  2. My heart goes out to these two young ladies. I hope they are surrounded by friends. It’s good that the community is reaching out to support them. The education loan process can be confusing. I do not know where they go to school. I hope someone in the financial aid office will take them under their wing and guide them through the steps to obtain funds through the Federal Direct Loan program and Direct PLUS so that they can continue their education.

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