“A Call to Arms”

This type of community action is how I would like to see realcrozetva.com grow and be used. Attempting to notify Crozetians the day before any action is too late.

From the Crozet Community Association

We urgently need a number of people who can come to the Board of Supervisors’ Meeting, 9 A.M., Wednesday morning,  March 1, at the County Office Building, room 241,  on McIntire Road downtown.  You will not have to speak; just be there to stand up and make the presence of Crozet felt.  This is a morning meeting, so many people will not be able to attend.  If you are free, we hope you will come.  Try to be there by 8:45.

Some of us will present the over 1100 signed petitions urging the BOS to respect the Master Plan and keep to the promised 12,000 buildout population. We have found using the County’s own figures that the current population including all the developments that have already  been approved is over 11,000!  They have been telling us that 12,000 was the twenty year build-out goal.  We have never agreed to the twenty year date; the 12,000 figure was the total build-out figure continuously quoted to us during the Master Planning period.  Never-the-less, we have already virtually reached the 12,000 build-out.  The question for the BOS is what are they going to do once the 12,000 population is attained?  Are they willing to stop all further development?  Or are they going to ignore the 12,000 figure and continue to make Crozet a population land-fill?  And  where is our representative David Wyant in all this?

We need Crozet citizens and other concerned people to be there on Wednesday to support our contention that the BOS has to take control of the uncontrolled building taking place and STOP it now.  Crozet as a community is being destroyed by developers and politicians who are totally ignoring the Master Plan that Crozet people wrote.

We believe we can make a difference if we continue to stand up to the Board and the Planning Commission.  Thanks for helping at this crucial time.    Call your friends and come on out. 

The most important question from the above (in my opinion) is “where is … David Wyant … “?  At the most recent Crozet “Town Hall,” he made a few seemingly prepared remarks but did not take public questions. Does each BoS member owe his or her allegiance to the constituents in his district or to the County? At what point does he have to stand up for the residents?

By the way, Albemarle’s Calendar page is quite helpful. Shame it doesn’t have RSS capabilities.

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