Crozet Week in Review – 29 August 2010

Lots of news and happenings this week in Crozet. My “twitter review” thing is broken, so I’ll be doing this manually today.

SundayIs Crozet Getting a “Downtown Mall”?

Monday$10 Miracle – Help Out Two Crozetians

TuesdayIs the Restore N Station getting built?

WednesdayStreetscape II Begins in Crozet – Want to know what all that dirt moving and construction on Crozet Ave is?

FridaySearching for Wireless/WiFi in Crozet

FridayRestore N Station *Does* Need a Special Use Permit

And a few select Tweets from the week:

  1. Clever garage sale ad in Crozet – “The Spot”

  2. @brbs hotspots in Crozet – @trailsidecoffee@MudhouseCrozet @Fardowners

  3. RT @hanchettjim: That chopper looking for drugs near Crozet yesterday?It found them…details on the seizure..ahead on#CBS19 [absurd, IMHO]

  4. RT @CVilleKim: RT @JimDuncan: Is Albemarle County (Crozet) being out-maneuvered by Old Trail? Food for thought

  5. RT @JimDuncan: This is apparently the way to drop off parents at Crozet Elementary. [cc: @gcrummie ]

  6. RT @k12albemarle: follow Henley Middle School for info updates @HenleyHornets

  7. @trailsidecoffee is hopping this morning! Seems to be thriving with the return of the students.

  8. RT @JimDuncan: Surely Police have something more productive to do, right? cc: @shannoneyedoc @petercraig3

  9. @shannoneyedoc Funny and sad.

  10. @shannoneyedoc @petercraig3 “not at liberty to say” & “nothing serious” were the responses I got. Working on it.

  11. RT @petercraig3: is wondering why there’s a helicopter, 2 state stroopers andanimal control going towards Crozet Park ?

  12. Where’d the bike rack go from the front of Crozet Elementary?

  13. Riding my bike to pick up the little one from her first day of school. Think we’ll pit-stop @MudhouseCrozet on the way back home

  14. RT @hanchettjim: Mark Warner, Tom Perriello and other Dems at Crozet Park Saturday for county Dem picnic

  15. RT @MudhouseCrozet: I can feel the energy returing to Crozet as the new school year commences. Welcome back (cont)

  16. RT @trailsidecoffee: Happy first Day of school! Love to see moms enjoying coffee and relaxing after dropping (cont)

  17. In case you missed it – Gas station approved in Crozet? Zoning admin explains, sort of & Rodney Thomas says what?

  18. RT @WCHVNEWS: Charlottesville news Head of Zoning in Hot Water Over Proposed Crozet Gas Station

  19. RT @jasonsee: RT: Tickets to the Top of the Hops Charlottesville Beer Fest! Enter to win! (via @StarrHill)

  20. RT @CvilleCalendar: Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival (Crozet), 10/10/2010 10:00:00 AM –

  21. Cat deaths in Crozet?

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