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I use FB because it’s useful for the community. I know there are a lot of you who do not, so I do these posts from time to time.  You can see all the RealCrozetVA FB blog posts here. Or the RealCrozetVA Facebook page here.

  • 25 May – Welcoming Fidelis Greens to Crozet. This is cool.
  • 25 May – Crozet is not a town; it’s a place.
  • 19 May – They caught the two people who attempted to rob the PRN food truck
  • 19 May – Car wash coming soon across from Starr Hill
  • 17 May – Crozet real estate conversation at PRN; we do these the third Thursday of every month
  • 16 May – avoiding insanity
  • 6 May – the restaurant at 240/250 is going vertical (and it looks like it’s for lease)
  • 3 May – the perimeter trail at Crozet Park is open.
  • 28 April – some photos of a darn-near perfect Friday afternoon in Crozet.
  • 28 April – great answers to this question, “Do you happen to know what the typical soccer, baseball, and flag football rec league options are for elementary school kids in Crozet? or Cville, if not available in Crozet?”
  • 19 April – Some good answers to this question, “What hotels/lodging/B&Bs are there in and around Crozet?”
  • 18 April – an argument for turning off lights
  • 18 April – “Having Tabor as the only access point for all of this new construction traffic & neighborhoods is, in a word, irresponsible. Or negligent.”
  • 17 April – Great story on parking
  • 16 April – Someone cleaned up under the bridge.
  • 10 April – Crozet Creamery has new owners
  • 6 April – so rarely are there minutes.
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