More Deliberate RealCrozetVA Facebook Posts

Slightly off topic …

The RealCrozetVA Facebook page is a thriving community. I encourage everyone who’s on Facebook to like, follow, read it.

Going forward, I’ll be posting less frequently, and more deliberately there. If there is something urgent, text me – 434-242-7140. Or email me.


1 – Facebook is a bad and concerning thing.


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Recently on RealCrozetVA Facebook

I use FB because it’s useful for the community. I know there are a lot of you who do not, so I do these posts from time to time.  You can see all the RealCrozetVA FB blog posts here. Or the RealCrozetVA Facebook page here.

  • 25 May – Welcoming Fidelis Greens to Crozet. This is cool.
  • 25 May – Crozet is not a town; it’s a place.
  • 19 May – They caught the two people who attempted to rob the PRN food truck
  • 19 May – Car wash coming soon across from Starr Hill
  • 17 May – Crozet real estate conversation at PRN; we do these the third Thursday of every month
  • 16 May – avoiding insanity
  • 6 May – the restaurant at 240/250 is going vertical (and it looks like it’s for lease)
  • 3 May – the perimeter trail at Crozet Park is open.
  • 28 April – some photos of a darn-near perfect Friday afternoon in Crozet.
  • 28 April – great answers to this question, “Do you happen to know what the typical soccer, baseball, and flag football rec league options are for elementary school kids in Crozet? or Cville, if not available in Crozet?”
  • 19 April – Some good answers to this question, “What hotels/lodging/B&Bs are there in and around Crozet?”
  • 18 April – an argument for turning off lights
  • 18 April – “Having Tabor as the only access point for all of this new construction traffic & neighborhoods is, in a word, irresponsible. Or negligent.”
  • 17 April – Great story on parking
  • 16 April – Someone cleaned up under the bridge.
  • 10 April – Crozet Creamery has new owners
  • 6 April – so rarely are there minutes.

RealCrozetVa Facebook – Nearly end of January 2017

For those not on the Facebook …

Recent RealCrozetVA facebook posts – November & December 2016

I have a friend who isn’t on facebook, and sometimes when I mention something to him that I wrote about on the RealCrozetVA facebook page, he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. He’s a big reason/reminder that I put these summary posts up.

I just liked this picture

Moon over Crozet. #nofilter #fromthebicycle

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One note: I’ve started sending traffic numbers to people who send me stories or tips. I think it’s interesting to see how many people read and share facebook stories. The Brownsville Market traffic story as of this writing has reached almost 3,000 people. Not bad. 

The Past Few Weeks on RealCrozetVA Facebook – 1 June 2016

I highly encourage folks to like/visit the RealCrozetVA facebook and twitter pages … traffic news in particular makes it to the twitter feed.  RealCrozetVA instagram is pretty active, too, but I’ve added that to the blog, below).  (I hate Facebook, too, but for now, it’s an important part of our lives) That said, here’s a quick round-up of the past few weeks.

Whew! Lots happening!

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RealCrozetVA Facebook – 10 March – 1 April 2016

The RealCrozetVA facebook and twitter pages continue to thrive …

March 10:

Good morning, Crozet


March 11 – great responses from readers answering the question, “Where are the Crozet playgrounds?

March 14Old Trail reduces build out numbers. Read: fewer houses. (and I’ve heard they’re going to be announcing soon the next phase of the town center; stay tuned)

March 15Mudhouse is looking for a new head baker.

March 17Where are the best CSAs in and around Crozet?

March 19 A few pics from the Crozet Cycling Club’s morning ride. It’s beautiful around here.

March 22A great cycling video featuring Ben King and Miller School’s Endurance Team.

March 23The Crozet Real Estate Conversation endures. See you soon!

March 23Finally, the North Crozet sidewalk project begins.

March 25The best place to track Crozet traffic (read: wrecks on 64, and subsequent backups on 250), is RealCrozetVA on Twitter.

March 26The Crozet Volunteer Fire Department painted over the graffiti in the former Barnes Lumberyard. Now … if the graffiti was interesting and beautiful, that’d be different. Unfortunately, the graffiti perpetrators are not artists.

March 30The Crozet Trails Crew continues to be awesome.

March 31The Crozet Farmers Market opens on 7 May!

Recently on the RealCrozetVA Facebook – September 2015

Some of the things posted on RealCrozetVA facebook page don’t quite warrant a blog post, but in aggregate, they do. (also, now there’s a RealCrozetVA instagram)

14 September – After a brief walk outside this evening, I thought again that as our little town grows and grows, I truly, truly hope that the skies stay dark.

Being able to see the stars is something that is truly heartening and remarkable.

14 September –  The Crozet Mudhouse has a new look.

14 September – 3rd Annual Crozet Elementary Walk (Bike) to School Day! – September 24th

Let’s celebrate our new sidewalks and traffic light!!

10 September – Crozet Culinary Competition at the Lodge should be tons of fun, and is a tremendous community event.

6 September


Love the mushroom. And the sky. #crozet

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Why do you like being a kid in Crozet?

Would your kids be willing to write a few sentences about why they have loved growing up in Crozet? I’ll publish them all here. Interested? Please leave their thoughts in the comments or email me.

Here’s my rising 6th-grader’s offering:

“Everyone is so nice here and I’ve made a lot of friends over the years. One reason I like Crozet is because I like to read, and there is a library, and a bookstore called Over the Moon.

I’ve loved going to Dairy Queen, Crozet Pizza, Sal’s and Fardowners. I love to swim at the Crozet Pool and Mint Springs. There is also a soccer field and two parks.

Also, since I went to Crozet Elementary most of my friends live near me.

Almost every morning before school starts, (daddy note: not that often!) I love getting a chocolate croissant and a cup of water at the Mudhouse. And their hot chocolate is delicious.

Also growing up, I’ve loved exploring the lumber yard. I love hearing trains every day.

I love how it is not a big city like New York, and how it’s not like a couple of farms. I like how it’s in the middle.

So that is why I have loved growing up in Crozet.”

And from the RealCrozetVA Facebook community:

From the RealCrozetVA Facebook – July 2015

Just a few of the RealCrozetVA Facebook posts from the past few days …

Fire, String, Babysitter, Cider – Recently on RealCrozetVA

Recapping a few things from the RealCrozetVA facebook and twitter