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Spring is here.

Chiles Rainbow


13 AprilIs anyone willing and able to run for the White Hall School Board spot? Anyone?

10 AprilGlad to see the WAHS students mobilizing over the disbandment of the WAHS Honor Council.

7 AprilThere is a Community Chorus forming in Crozet

6 April – The Brownsville DI team needs our help

6 April – Spring is here, so jackasses are going through unlocked cars and stealing stuff.

2 AprilA good discussion on the elimination of the WAHS Honor Council.

2 April22 April is the inaugural ride of the Crozet bike group

1 AprilGreat slideshow of the coming WAHS environmental academy


The RealCrozetVA Facebook – 28 Feb to 6 March

The past few days on the RealCrozetVA Facebook … I (try to remember to) post these summaries here every few weeks. While there’s a thriving community at the RealCrozetVA facebook page, not everyone likes FB; that shouldn’t cause those of you here to miss out.

  • Today – Here’s a thought – instead of getting tonight’s movie at Redbox or Netflix or On Demand … spend a few minutes and get it at a local Crozet business – Maupin’s in downtown Crozet.

Maupin's Video store

  • Today – I would gladly pay an extra two cents per $100 of my house’s assessed value if they would just pave our roads this spring.And the tax would need to be sunset after three years.
  • Yesterday – The Western Albemarle High School Scholastic Bowl Team needs donations to help fund trips to compete in national tournaments in Chicago and Washington D.C.!
  • Fog the day a few days after snow:
  • Looking back towards Old Trail4 March – the County is looking to raise property taxes.
  • 4 March – a reminder that I’m trying to organize group bicycle rides, starting in a few weeks.
  • 3 March – over 500 events have been added to the Crozet Calendar!
  • 2 March – Miller School has a pretty cool bicycle program
  • 28 February – I’m neither Crozet Pizza nor Crozet Pourhouse, but I’ll help if called.

All the facebook summaries I’ve posted here on the blog.

Past Few Days on RealCrozetVA Facebook

A few stories from the RealCrozetVA facebook community –


The view from my comfy seat at Crozet Mudhouse this morning. #working

A photo posted by Jim Duncan (@jimduncan) on


The RealCrozetVA Facebook community is often-times remarkable. I’m thankful for it, despite my dislike of Facebook. 

Also, have you ever tried to find something on Facebook? My blog is much more searchable.

All posts here on RealCrozetVA that recap Facebook posts.

The past few days on RealCrozetVA Facebook (1-19 January)

I don’t like Facebook, but over 1500 people do like the RealCrozetVA facebook … and it’s quite a useful hub for the community.  These are the most recent posts there.

16 January – My curiosity led to a great conversation about Crozet’s walkable neighborhoods. I’m writing a story now about this.

16 JanuaryCrozet Arts’ registration for winter classes is now open.

15 JanuaryWalkable communities matter.

14 JanuarySafe Routes to School moving forward.

14 JanuaryPeachtree Baseball has extended their registration.

12 JanuaryCrozet Library has storytime for grownups. How cool is that? (I’d go to storytime if they held it on their rooftop bar. If they had one.)

January 12Foothill Crossing rezoning meeting on 21 January; are you going? What questions do you have?

January 8Artful in Crozet – art classes in Crozet.

January 5Interesting discussion on the Jobs in Crozet? question.

The last few days on RealCrozetVA Facebook

It’s been busy on the RealCrozetVA facebook page. As a reminder, I don’t post everything here that I post there, as some of the stuff there isn’t blog-worthy, if you will.


You know what this library needs? A rooftop bar. #crozet

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If you’re curious, all the facebook posts here are able to be seen in this category; one of the main reasons I write here about the FB posts is because FB is basically un-searchable, and I hate that.


Crozet’s Weekend Events & Last Week on Facebook – 26 Sept 2014

A fair amount of music in Crozet this weekend, fried chicken at Mountainside tonight, C’Ville Pie Fest on Sunday and more.

(submit your own even here)

From the RealCrozetVA Facebook page:

Streetscape is ongoing.

– 9 years ago or so, RealCrozetVA was born.

The leaves are about to change; I love this picture at Beaver Creek.


The newest listings in Crozet (sorted by days on market).

Weekend Events in Crozet + Last Week on Facebook – 19 September 2014

Curious – Are these posts useful to you?

Crozet weekend events – 19 September 2014 include polo, music at the various venues, farmers market, Crabfest and more. If you have something to add, it takes less than 60 seconds to do so yourself. Really.

Last week on RealCrozetVA Facebook

Watch your speed on 250.

The new pavilion is coming along fast at Crozet Park.

Library Days at Fardowners are back – in October!

Restoration got a nice write-up in the NewsLeader.

The newest listings in Crozet (sorted by days on market) I’m trying something new with this … what do you think?

Crozet’s Weekend Events – 12 September & Notes from Facebook

Music at Fardowners, Starr Hill, and Crozet Pourhouse, Pancake 5k at Chiles, Art at the Trax, the Boys and Girls Challenge, WAHS rowing flea market, and more this weekend in Crozet. (submit your own event here)

Crozet Library is awesome.

One student at Crozet Library, a branch of Jefferson-Madison (Va.) Regional Library, left a remarkable thank-you note with young adult librarian Allie Haddix about the library’s Exam Cram event for high school students: “Because of the services that you have provided, I will study hard and efficiently, get good grades, get into the best college, and change the world.”

A few things from the RealCrozetVA Facebook:

The new gas station on 250 opened this week.

Restore 'n Station

Great Valu got an outstanding review on Yelp.

Can you spare $5 or more to support the Boys and Girls Club? I’m riding this on Sunday and I’d appreciate any support you can offer.

It looked like bike to school day at Crozet Elementary, but it was just a school day.

The newest listings in Crozet (sorted by days on market) I’m trying something new with this … what do you think?

Week ending 30 August on RealCrozetVA Facebook

I do these summaries because:

1) I post useful things on Facebook and not everyone follows the RealCrozetVA Facebook or Twitter.

2) I want these posts to be search- and find-able; Facebook doesn’t allow that.

30 August 2014 – “Downtown Crozet is a bit of a mess right now … being nice to each other wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

30 August 2014

“@realcrozetva are there bike racks @henleyhornets ? Easy to take jarmans gap to #oldtrail to get there now.”

28 August

Reason #379 that I love Crozet:

A friend called me asking me about the safety/placement of one of the steel plates. I emailed someone at the county about it who also happens to live in Crozet.

Got a call within 20 minutes saying that he had gone over and looked at it and was having the contractor look at it and one of the other ones.

So, thank you, Crozet.

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