Why do you like being a kid in Crozet?

Would your kids be willing to write a few sentences about why they have loved growing up in Crozet? I’ll publish them all here. Interested? Please leave their thoughts in the comments or email me.

Here’s my rising 6th-grader’s offering:

“Everyone is so nice here and I’ve made a lot of friends over the years. One reason I like Crozet is because I like to read, and there is a library, and a bookstore called Over the Moon.

I’ve loved going to Dairy Queen, Crozet Pizza, Sal’s and Fardowners. I love to swim at the Crozet Pool and Mint Springs. There is also a soccer field and two parks.

Also, since I went to Crozet Elementary most of my friends live near me.

Almost every morning before school starts, (daddy note: not that often!) I love getting a chocolate croissant and a cup of water at the Mudhouse. And their hot chocolate is delicious.

Also growing up, I’ve loved exploring the lumber yard. I love hearing trains every day.

I love how it is not a big city like New York, and how it’s not like a couple of farms. I like how it’s in the middle.

So that is why I have loved growing up in Crozet.”

And from the RealCrozetVA Facebook community:

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One Reply to “Why do you like being a kid in Crozet?”

  1. Too cute. I also am glad we are somewhere “in the middle” between empty farm land and New York City, haha. 😉 Also, aside from the chocolate croissants, which sadly were not available, her childhood here sounds a lot like my own, despite the growth of the last 20 years. (Instead of Over the Moon, there was a very cool Waldorf toy store there, with a lot of art supplies). Good stuff.

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