Recently on the RealCrozetVA Facebook – September 2015

Some of the things posted on RealCrozetVA facebook page don’t quite warrant a blog post, but in aggregate, they do. (also, now there’s a RealCrozetVA instagram)

14 September – After a brief walk outside this evening, I thought again that as our little town grows and grows, I truly, truly hope that the skies stay dark.

Being able to see the stars is something that is truly heartening and remarkable.

14 September –  The Crozet Mudhouse has a new look.

14 September – 3rd Annual Crozet Elementary Walk (Bike) to School Day! – September 24th

Let’s celebrate our new sidewalks and traffic light!!

10 September – Crozet Culinary Competition at the Lodge should be tons of fun, and is a tremendous community event.

6 September


Love the mushroom. And the sky. #crozet

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