Oak Bluff at the CCAC – April 2023

One of the best things about the CCAC holding meetings at the Crozet Library is the hard stoppage time. It’s one of the worst things also when we have meeting for a big proposed development. More people attended this CCAC meeting at the Library than I recall ever having attended.

Would be great if all of the people who attended the meeting, and who read this post, or live in Crozet, gave a few dollars to the Crozet Fireworks fund.

Read the Tweets here.

I’m sure the Crozet Gazette will have a story next month, but for now …

Watch the meeting.


Timeline for Oak Bluff

    • Community meeting: 12 April 2023
    • Staff Review Comments: Due to the Applicant April 24, 2023
    • Applicant can proceed to Planning Commission or request deferral to work on revisions
    • Planning Commission Public Hearing: To be scheduled
    • Board of Supervisors Public Hearing: To be scheduled

Everyone should watch Tim Tolson’s background and history of the Crozet Community Association; they have done remarkable work for our community

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7 Replies to “Oak Bluff at the CCAC – April 2023”

  1. If everyone wants infrastructure Before development, why did the VA Legislature do away with required Developer infrastructure profers? If Everyone wants infrastructure, why is Nobody willing to pay more State and Local taxes? Same Story different meeting…

    1. Hi Arthur, I think many of us would be willing to pay more in state and federal taxes if there was some transparency or assurance that that increase in tax was being directed toward local infrastructure, and not some nebulous project in Newport News (just an example). I paid about $150,000 in federal and state income tax last year. I’m happy to pay a. It more if it helps our community. Rushing to develop without civic and infrastructure planning just doesn’t make sense. Most communities have well vetted strategic plans for infrastructure growth over the next 3,5 and 10 years. Thank you!

      1. So you want to pave over Crozet? You know that Cities already exist that probably have what you need…

      2. When you say, “Most communities have well vetted strategic plans for infrastructure growth over the next 3,5 and 10 years” – which ones would you reference?

        Asked differently – which communities could we model?

        1. We were Unique which is what attracted the problems we now have.Now that we do not have that problem we can stay with the same self-serving commmitte’s that put us where we are…
          I doubt that you will find any plans just the same people that can not stand what they have helped to create here.

  2. You are forgetting that this Community was fine before all this nonsense started. This blog is actually more useful than any committee of self-serving people has been. Give yourself some credit instead of promoting others. I still say that these committee’s are a big part of the problems we now face…

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