How Should Crozet Grow?

Now, rather than after the fact, is the time to discuss and voice your opinions.

Crozet Gazette: (also download the complete results of the Crozet Master Plan questionnaire from the Gazette – thank you, Gazette!)

Crozet residents don’t want to see the small town quality of life they enjoy sacrificed to growth pressures and therefore identified future population limits as their top agenda item in the current master plan revision process. They also confirmed their support for the original goals of the 2004 plan, which placed the first priority on the vitality of downtown Crozet and discouraged growth along Rt. 250.

Daily Progress:

County staff plans to present the Planning Commission with recommendations next month about which areas of the Master Plan should be focused on, as revisions are considered. Staff hopes to address the Board of Supervisors in October.

With the input of Crozet residents and the Crozet Community Advisory Council, county staff is eyeing areas of focus, as it examines ways that the Master Plan could be revised:

Population: Among the most controversial components of the plan is its inconsistent population estimates. The Master Plan text refers to a maximum population of 12,000 people, but the plan’s map allows for nearly 25,000 residents.

Downtown: Planners are aiming to keep the bulk of commercial developments downtown, and they’re trying to make sure infrastructure and zoning regulations support that vision.

Developments along U.S. 250: The current Master Plan discourages further commercial developments along 250, an idea welcomed by many residents.


The county surveyed Crozet’s citizens about the Master Plan—which currently calls for the population to more than double—and it was in that context that they volunteered their concerns about population growth

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