3 Replies to “Surely There’s More to the Story re: Brownsville’s Enrollment”

  1. I was prepping for the PTO meeting so I missed this stat, but PLEASE know that enrollment “maximums” and enrollment capacities are a constantly changing data point. A few short years ago BES looked like it would easily exceed capacity (at least if the projections held true). But the following year enrollment actually dropped a bit. And regardless of enrollment increases our class sizes have remained far below state standards and our academic progress continues to increase. The larger issues of capacity really need to be discussed at WAHS….

  2. here we go again – let’s start the redistricting debacle AGAIN. The last one studying the western feeder pattern was a complete waste of time and I am sure the next one is coming. It’s all getting old. Soon the folks that were taken out of Crozet 7yrs ago will be swapped back to Crozet.

    1. This is the type of area that has been created here. Bedroom community with no
      real data backing it. The numbers swing back and forth with no method of forward thinking that is reliable. There is no reason to come here yet, they still do and then
      they leave for the same unknown reasons. Universities are crowded, the world is
      crowded, life is crowded. A few extra kids in schools is not a problem when there is
      a private school option. Yep, I’m suggesting to buy less toys and buy more education…

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