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I have a friend who isn’t on facebook, and sometimes when I mention something to him that I wrote about on the RealCrozetVA facebook page, he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. He’s a big reason/reminder that I put these summary posts up.

I just liked this picture

Moon over Crozet. #nofilter #fromthebicycle

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One note: I’ve started sending traffic numbers to people who send me stories or tips. I think it’s interesting to see how many people read and share facebook stories. The Brownsville Market traffic story as of this writing has reached almost 3,000 people. Not bad. 

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4 Replies to “Recent RealCrozetVA facebook posts – November & December 2016”

  1. I did take a look at the discussion on NIMBYism and found it to lack significant historic realities. Unfortunately this type of discussion comes up all too often lacking any factual basis. First and foremost I don’t how anyone could consider using the word NIMBY when it comes to the community of Crozet where under the first master plan it was agreed that Crozet would grow from a population of about 2,500 to a population of over 12,000, which hardly sounds like anti growth. Furthermore, it wasn’t the residents of Crozet who determined the build out population, but consultants hired by the county, based on the current zoning that existed within the growth area. The good news for Crozet residents whether you were born and raised here or if you just moved here last week, is no one can be accused of saying “now that I’m here I don’t want any further growth”, because the growth decision has already been made.
    It should also be pointed out that when it comes to development that matches the county’s “Neighbor Model”, I would submit that Crozet has more such development that meet the criteria then any other growth area.
    Finally, with regard to affordable housing, the community of Crozet, since it first community plan done in 1993 has supported the position of the county that any new development that requires a rezoning should contain 15% affordable housing. Right now there are I believe 10 Habitat homes going up in Crozet. In fact I believe if you look you’ll see that for its size the community of Crozet has more affordable homes proffered then any other growth area. I hope the facts will put an end to the suggestions that the residents of Crozet have not done everything required by the m by the County when it comes to issues of growth and development and affordable housing.

    1. Thanks, Tom. I’m curious, and do not know and suspect you will – what was the last rezoning the CCAC/CCA/BOT supported in Crozet?

  2. The answer to your question is the CCAC/CCA has not opposed any rezoning in Crozet that met the criteria set down in the Master Plan. As memory serves me this would include:
    1. Bargamin Park
    2. Clover Lawn Village
    3. Liberty Hall
    4. Wickham Park I
    5. Wickham Park II
    6. Parkside Village
    7. Wayland’s Grant
    8. Westhall
    9. Foxchase
    10. Foothill Crossing
    There may be more, but we’re talking about a period of over 10 years and this does not include those developments that were built by right. Also recently there was a presentation by Valarie Long regarding a new development I believe in the Foothill Crossing area that, while not voted on, was viewed as consistent with the master plan. I would add Old Trail where the community supported the form of development, but had a problem with the total number of homes approved versus the number found in the master plan.
    The two rezoning’s the CCAC did not support were 1. The first plan for rezoning the down town, which interestingly has lead to a much improved plan and 2. Adelaide, which was not consistent with the master plan. Adelaide as you know was not consistent with the master plan which calls for the protecting the Rt 250 West corridor and its Virginia Scenic Byway designation. Not to mention it also did not meet the master plan criteria for development to diminish in density as it moves away from a center, which in this case would Clover Lawn or as some have viewed it from Crozet downtown.
    As to the BOT I don’t know which developments they have supported or opposed.

  3. Another smoke screen to cover up the lack of accountable
    government. Has the 15% of affordable housing been built or
    maneuvered around?

    What do you consider “affordable housing?”.

    Only the ultimate survey which, is an election, will really show
    what the public wants. Not anything put out by any heavily conflicted board.

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