Crozet is a unique place to live and there is much to talk about, much of it centered around the growth that we are experiencing. New restaurants, new developments, potentially new grocery stores … new neighbors …

My vision for this blog sees this as a place to discuss Crozet’s goings-on, music and cultural events, local vineyards, politics, etc. Please be patient, and if anybody wants to help author or manage this, please let me know.

You may start here to learn a little bit about some of what has been happening in Crozet. I live and work in Crozet and want to facilitate community communication and help Crozet become an even better place to live.

Ideally, Real Crozet VA will serve as a meeting/discussion point for growth issues, babysitter needs, car-pooling … whatever is needed. Ideas are welcomed; just contact Jim Duncan.

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