CCAC Wrap-up – 21 June 2017

Lots of stuff was discussed tonight. Crozet’s drinking water, Bike & Pedestrian update (Crozet Trails, retrofitting infrastructure), NIFI (don’t know what NIFI is? Keep reading.) Western Park funding (actually, no-funding) and a bit more.

Dig in. Lots and lots of relevant information in tonight’s meeting. Please read the tweets, and ask questions.

  • Update: I did some googling for the original Western Park plans .. my, my, those were bold (and un-funded) hopes and dreams.
    • From the Crozet Gazette. In June 2008. Soccer fields, pavilions, inflatable movie screen, pond, trails, parking along Old Trail Drive(?!). Read the whole thing.
  • And the slide deck from the RWSA presentation.


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