A(nother) Bad Day on 64

Another bad day on 64 led to a bad day on 250, which led to backups on Garth … basically, today was a day to stay in Crozet if at all possible.

I learned about the wreck, and immediately retweeted … and was able to get to Charlottesville earlier than I’d planned.

And then …

From the CCAC Meeting recently

The tweets from this morning …

We have a great community of people on the Crozet Twitter.

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One Reply to “A(nother) Bad Day on 64”

  1. An email commenter offers this:

    Last Friday we were westbound on 64, when we encountered a bumper to bumper stop & go back up. We got off at Exit 114 intending to take Dick Woods Rd. to Miller School Rd. to Crozet. Well as you no doubt can anticipate we encountered most of wetern Albmarle doing the same thing. The line at the 250/Miller School Light was backed up well past (Midway), I had plenty of time to call the Alb. PD to suggest they post a n officer at the 250 light to direct traffic overriding the light.

    Without hesitation the dispatcher said, “They ain’t gonna put anybody there to direct traffic”.

    Really? There’s no problem posting officers to direct traffic for churches every Sunday and school dismissals every day. Would it be impossible for the sheriff or county police to develop a plan to post officers at key or critical intersections when there is a closure on 64? It’s not just convenience.

    There is the road rage, and dangerous behavior in those long delays. I watched dozens of drivers make 3 point U turns across the double yellow lines on Miller School Rd. usually without regard for the oncoming traffic’s limited sight lines, blind curves, or hill rises etc..How many secondary accidents could be avoided?

    How many thousands of gallons of gas would not be needlessly converted to air pollution?

    It just seems to me that a plan to anticipate and mitigate traffic on secondary roads when Rt. 64 is closed would meet both the protect and serve mandates the police emblazon on their vehicles. I’m just sayin’…

    * Jim’s edits: line breaks and “Midway” “Middle Way.”

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