Coffee Conversation Leads to Crozet Stories

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Coffee leads to stories.

I had coffee with a friend recently who wants to get involved in Crozet and wanted to learn more about what’s going on in Crozet. We talked for two hours, and I took notes.

I hope to write a series of stories, but will aim for at least a comprehensive post with links referencing these notes. (I have drafts of three stories already in the works)

What are you curious about in Crozet? Why do you live here? What if anything, would you like to see improved?

I’m a realtor who lives in Crozet, & loves Crozet. Being aware and involved is part of the business, is is part of being an active and informed member of the community.

Hoping to publish the series soon.

What are those acronyms?

The Series

  1. The Beginning – A Conversation with a friend over coffee
  2. Prologue – Support local journalists & journalism
  3. How Much Money for Infrastructure Has Crozet Gotten?
  4. Crozet Population Numbers Keep Growing
  5. Crozet Acronyms – What do They Mean?
  6. Crozet Water Supply
  7. Notes from a Crozet Coffee Conversation
  8. Ongoing Crozet Projects of Note
  9. Getting Involved in Crozet – Where to Start?
  10. … I don’t yet know …
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