Support Local Charlottesville and Albemarle News Gathering & Dissemination

As I was putting together the coming series, I wanted to interject & highlight our amazing local news people.

So much happens in the Charlottesville area, and most (99%) of us cannot attend the meetings consistently, process the information, research, put into context. We need local reporters. To them all: Thank you.

Who’s going to go to planning commission meetings? Board of Supervisors? Service Authority Board meetings? Without local reporters and reporting, our community & our democracy suffer.

Local Journalism Matters. We have a remarkable array of reporters.

Charlottesville Tomorrow – I rely on these folks heavily (Sean Tubbs) donate to them when I can, and profess their institutional knowledge to anyone who will listen.

Daily ProgressAlison Wrabel, Chris Suarez, Michael Bragg and others have been at the DP for a few years now and have built knowledge, context, and are critical to reporting in Charlottesville and Albemarle.

Yes, they are expensive ($10/month vs $6 or so for Washington Post or NYTimes) and their website burns the eyes, and they deleted their archives in 2008 But. Supporting them is worthwhile. Despite the fact that they’re owned by one of the richest people in the world.

Crozet Gazette – Great local reporting. Simple.

Edit: as I mentioned in the comment below – “I meant “simple” in only a positive context – I was thinking of something well-executed, and done well, like a house with clean lines that is beautiful. ” There’s a reason that I when  I think about it, I note here on the blog the new issue of the Gazette, and encourage everyone to pick it up.  A sign of excellence is making things look simple.


Note: my Twitter list of Charlottesville media has nearly 70 members, and I’ve found it to be a great resource.

The Series

  1. The Beginning – A Conversation with a friend over coffee
  2. Prologue – Support local journalists & journalism
  3. How Much Money for Infrastructure Has Crozet Gotten?
  4. Crozet Population Numbers Keep Growing
  5. Crozet Acronyms – What do They Mean?
  6. Crozet Water Supply
  7. Notes from a Crozet Coffee Conversation
  8. Ongoing Crozet Projects of Note
  9. Getting Involved in Crozet – Where to Start?
  10. … I don’t yet know …
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4 Replies to “Support Local Charlottesville and Albemarle News Gathering & Dissemination”

  1. As a staff writer for the Crozet Gazette, I am offended by your dismissal of this excellent paper as “Simple.” This characterization is inaccurate, unfair, and insulting. The writing, analysis, breadth of coverage, and quality of this newspaper are outstanding–as frequently acknowledged by residents. It ties the community together and provides a valuable service through its information dissemination and advertising. Your partiality is evident in this post.

    1. Clover –

      Thanks so much for your comment. When I wrote “simple” I intended no negative connotation at all.

      I meant “simple” in only a positive context – I was thinking of something well-executed, and done well, like a house with clean lines that is beautiful.

      I’m sorry you were upset by that, and that you read it in a way I did not intend. Truly, and thank you for your defense of the Gazette.

    2. I feel that the use of the word “simple” is far more adequate than your overblown response to its use. The truth is somewhere in the
      middle and regarding value, I feel that people are paying exactly what they think it is worth to get it… One advantage this blog has over a Gazette is the ability to have an open discussion without the filters that limit POV. So, compared to a dynamic Blog, a once a week Gazette is quite simple.

  2. You forget Sandy Hausman of WVTF/RADIO IQ. A great bureau chief with tremendous support from the rest of the staff in Richmond and Roanoke.

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