Adelaide Rezoning Fails; By-Right Development Moving Forward

via Charlottesville Tomorrow: (read the whole thing)

A divided Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has denied a rezoning for the proposed 80-unit Adelaide development in Crozet, prompting the developer to announce that he will build 35 units on the property instead by-right.

“By opposing Adelaide, the dissenting supervisors … have voted against inclusivity and against the recommendations of the experts that they appointed — the county staff and the planning commis-sioners,” Kyle Redinger said in a statement released shortly (Jim’s note: full statement here) after a motion to approve the rezoning failed on a 3-3 vote.

Further from the Charlottesville Tomorrow story (bolding mine)

“If we believe our communities are no longer accepting of the development-area model to ensure prescribed amenities and targeting growth into specific areas, then we revisit the Comprehensive Plan and the master plans,” McKeel said.

Mallek said the Crozet Master Plan is well-supported by the community, and the community does not want higher density on U.S. 250. However, she said the plan was supposed to have been updated in 2015 in part to reduce the ambiguity.

“There are several different elements of the Crozet Master Plan, and what seems to have happened is that one was chosen by [the Planning Commission] to be more important than the other,” Mallek said. “But it is the Board of Supervisors’ job to re-evaluate that.

A question on that – as it’s the BoS job to re-evaluate the plan, does the Board support the CCAC/CCA/Board of Trade re-evaluating the Crozet Master plan?


Two things to point out

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One Reply to “Adelaide Rezoning Fails; By-Right Development Moving Forward”

  1. Are you suggesting an age requirement subdivision is acceptable, but not just another “regular” subdivision like all of the other ones in Albemarle County, including “Crozet, downtown/uptown and around town (call it what you will)” and along 250?
    Is that considered discrimination or profiling, my friend??? Perhaps you could approve rezoning if your board can mandate how often and when people in your county procreate…… maybe no sex after 8 pm or whatever nonsense you can come up with to control the number of kids in Albemarle County Schools.
    The traffic on 250 is what it is and this is the first time you all are adamantly opposing something that would bring in more revenue. As such, I have to ask, what is in it for you??? Perhaps the county should put a little time and effort into investigating and making sure there isn’t anything shady going “down the pipe.” There has to be some reasoning behind your “disastrous” comment that you have not backed up with any “real” reason. To use such words, apparently you have some personal feelings about the situation and appear to feel it will impact you personally in some large way.
    You all are being very successful at running every native from Crozet and around out of the county. Congratulations, on making Crozet a place that no one wants to be. Good luck at election time, friend!!!

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