Adelaide Going to Board of Supervisors

The Adelaide neighborhood proposal is going to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors today.  Agenda here.

A question: if the County turn down this rezoning proposal, will the by-right result be better or worse for Crozet?  

Will the by-right neighborhood provide trails, buffers from 250, etc? Will the by-right houses be more or less affordable than the rezoned houses? (Answer: far less) — is this good for Crozet to have more expensive houses?

Crozet Today reports that Supervisor Ann Mallek is lobbying against the neighborhood:

Ann Mallek stated this morning, “Crozetians, I have
learned today that the 3-3 denial of the project is now in
jeopardy. If you can, please attend the February 1 board
meeting at 6 p.m. and speak under matters from the public.
The agenda item for Adelaide follows the matters from the
public, and according to the advertised agenda, there will be
the chance for people to speak.”

Mallek said, “I will try to get the agenda changed into a
public hearing, as described in the motion to approve in the
agenda packet. But either way, your comments will be timely
and just before any discussion.”

Mallek warned, “Some supervisors seem to think that
the applicant has met the concerns of the community by
moving from 6 to 5 units per acre and from 930 cars per day
to 800. Either way, the impacts will be devastating. I am
fighting to defeat the proposal but need all the help I can get.”

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