There Are Bears in Crozet

There are bears in Crozet … they are part of the charm of living here (we are at the base of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive/Shenandoah National Park, after all)

… and seemingly more bears are making their presence known now that it’s Bear Awareness Week (who knew?)

Bears in Crozet - Thanks to Wildlife Center of Virginia for the image

– Thanks, Wildlife Center of Virginia.

And thanks Matthew for sharing about the one last night.

– For fun, follow the Crozet Bear.

– More bears seen around Crozet this year because of the Shenandoah National Park fire?

Update 25 May 2016:

via email:
“This big bad bear showed up on Monday, May 23, at 12 minutes after 11 p.m.  at my home in Brookwood.  As you can see, this is a very large bear when compared to the height and size of our trash hamper.  Certainly not one you would want to confront one-on-one.  He/she did not attack the trash hamper this time because there was no food in it.  From his/her direction of travel, he/she came from the woods behind our house and headed next door to continue the quest for food.  (Photo by Jim Crosby)

Please be alert because this was reasonably early evening and before midnight.”



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2 Replies to “There Are Bears in Crozet”

  1. So – watch what you put in the trash – don’t put out smelly perishables. No – don’t call animal control. There are too many, they don’t move bears any longer. Take down the birdfeeders (and encourage your neighbors too as well) and better secure your trash.
    It will all be better in about two weeks when the berries come on and they have more food – be patient

  2. We have them sighted almost daily throughout this summer in Forest Lakes subdivision in north Charlottesville (near the airport). Many have called animal control to ‘report them’ – don’t bother…the bears live here…there…and everywhere. They have even walked along 29 by Dairy Queen, along the trail I walk (have seen their scat right on the sidewalks) and they don’t seem to mind the bustle of traffic and people in this area. Many neighbors are learning to take down their feeders and keep their trash secured…and those that don’t find a big mess. I think it is cool – as long as no one gets hurt…human or bear. It is definitely part of the charm of the area.

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