Crozet Tack & Saddle Has Moved – to the Old Flowershop

I wonder what’s going to take it’s spot near Great Valu. While I’m wondering, I wonder when the new place next to the Crozet barbershop will open.

Crozet Tack & Saddle
Crozet Tack & Saddle
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2 Replies to “Crozet Tack & Saddle Has Moved – to the Old Flowershop”

  1. I heard she is going for a June 1 opening. Its the former female butcher from the Great Valu who will be opening the breakfast/ Lunch near post office. I also understand that Crozet Crossfit is a go and will be going into opposite end of Great Valu plaza where the Credit Union used to be and they are working on it now. The old location of the Crozet Tack and Sadle will be the new deli for the Great Valu. Love all the changes in our wonderful small town but I still miss 3 Notched Grill !

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