CCAC Meeting Recap – Transportation, Transportation, Transportation

Lots discussed in last night’s CCAC meeting.

Rather than pull highlights, please read all the tweets, after the jump. This meeting highlighted more than many the value of being present, having a voice, and choosing to make the time to attend.


Photos from the meeting

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2 Replies to “CCAC Meeting Recap – Transportation, Transportation, Transportation”

  1. Regarding parking and/or non vehicle friendly downtown, I currently patronize the downtown businesses on a regular basis. I am in my sixties and have mobility issues that would preclude me from riding a bike several miles to downtown or walking several blocks to get to the businesses. I’m already going less often because of parking issues, especially near Crozet Pizza. I am very aware that there is a large athletically active segment of our population and support efforts to maintain and improve trails, bike paths and bike lanes. However, it seems that efforts of CCAC are aimed toward denying access to those of us who are not disabled but also not part of the more athletic community. I am aware that attendance at CCAC meetings is abysmal and am guilty of non attendance. I do religiously read the meeting summaries. My big concern is that a small group of politically active people are now trying to set policies that are not in the best interest of other large segments of the community (including families with young children). Seems like we could all coexist without excluding anyone.

  2. I agree with you and would like to point out that the largest segment of our population is the silent majority. The ones that they can not drag to these meetings. All these issues go back to our BOS member. These committees cannot exist without her. Even Charlottesville recognizes the importance of parking for a healthy
    balanced community. I encourage people to email:
    [email protected] with their concerns. It also appears that it will take a ballot alternative to finally straighten things out…

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