CCAC April 2017 Recap

Here’s the agenda for the April 2017 CCAC meeting.

Thanks to Barbara for the notes after the break, and Terri for the tweets! I love community participation in local politics.

Also of note, there are 5 new members of CCAC.

Tweets from Terri



Notes from Barbara


CCAC meeting regarding “Neighborhood Improvement Funding Initiative” (NIFI)

The last CCAC meeting (in March) was project identification of approximately 2 pages of ideas that could potentially improve the quality of life in Crozet.

  • Guiding principles for project evaluation:
    • Must conform with the Comprehensive Plan
    • Conformity with the Master Plan
    • Conformity with the Board’s FY17-FY19 Strategic Plan
    • Strong community support
    • Clear public benefit
    • Leverage matching funds (revenue sharing, grants, etc.)
    • Leverage existing resources (connect existing trails sidewalks, etc.)
    • Feasibility of project
  • Attendees voted tonight using a weighted system of dots in order to narrow down the list of ideas from the March meeting. Discussion of the projects that received the most votes will continue within the CCAC and Albemarle County and are not 100% final decisions. The community can always come and speak at the upcoming County Board meeting and voice their opinion.
  • Timing of funding: Is part of Board discussion on May 10. 1.4 million dollars in total in Albemarle County for funding (Crozet is only part of this $ total). There is no expiration date of these funds, and the funds are available now (FY17).
  • Including the online survey, the top 3 results are in order of preference:

  • < 50,000 results:
    • Park improvements (including consideration of new amenities such as disc golf, exercise stations, and a drone course)
    • Crushed stone for the Crozet Connector Trail
    • Streetscape streetlight decorations – holiday lights/wreaths; hanging flower baskets, etc.
  • >50,000 results:
    • Crozet Square improvements
    • Development of Western Park
    • Bike/pedestrian path along Three Notch’d Road/Route240 connecting residential subdivisions to downtown
    • Including the CCAC members, there were approximately 35 people in attendance at tonight’s meeting.
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