Crozet Board of Trade Meeting – 20 March 2017

Remember … local politics are where your voice can (hopefully) matter the most. Also, I’d advise walking or riding bicycles …

via email:

Dear Crozet Board of Trade —

The street design of The Square will be our main topic when we meet again next Monday, the 20th, at Crozet Pizza restaurant at 7:30. County facilities director Trevor Henry and transportation engineer Jack Kelsey will present the county’s plans for renovating The Square, which the county discovered that it owns last year. The prospect is a one-way street accessible from Crozet Avenue with angled parking. Come see and let’s give the county some feedback on a project that is critical to downtown.
We also have several new businesses who will be there to introduce themselves and join our company in working to build Crozet’s prosperity.
We’ll meet in the former location of Over the Moon Bookstore, which is now part of Crozet Pizza and offers a quiet room. Food and beer is handy, of course. The meeting will last no more than an hour. Stick around and visit afterward.

Remember, besides the parking space in front or at The Depot, there’s parking behind the Fruit Growers Building, including 16 spaces that were recently paved.
See you there!

Mike Marshall
President, CBT

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