More Houses Along 240?, Re-Store N Station Resubmittal, Downtown, & NIFI

  • More houses coming to 240?
  • The Square redevelopment
  • Re-Store N Station wants to be open longer

No analysis or story, just information Crozetians ought to know.


More houses might be coming off of 240, sort of behind the cemetery

Preliminary plan was approved, final has not yet been submitted. See link for more information.

PROJECT: SUB201700097 Moyer, Joanne L G Family Trust – Preliminary Plat
TAX MAP/PARCEL: 05600-00-00-01300
LOCATION: Adjacent to Old Trail subdivision and Brook View Road
PROPOSAL: Proposal for a cluster development of 35 single family detached units at a proposed density of 1.29 du/acre and 14.81 acres of open space.
ZONING: R2 Residential (3.0 du/acre with bonus density)
OVERLAY DISTRICT: FH – Flood Hazard, EC – Entrance Corridor, Managed and Preserved Steep Slopes
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: Neighborhood Density Residential – 3-6 units /acre; supporting uses such as religious institutions, schools and other small-scale non-residential uses; and Greenspace in the Crozet Master Plan.

Re-Store ‘N Station New Application

From Albemarle County

I am emailing you because of your previous interest in the Re-Store’n Station application for expansion. I wanted to let you know that the County has received a new application. This application includes amending these conditions:

Hours of operation – allow the store to operate 20 hours a day
Fuel sales – modification of the fueling stations including fuel types permitted and allow fuel sales 24 hours a day)
Fuel sales – allow sale of fuel 24 hours a day. (sales would be by credit card when the store is closes)

Please note that this is not the same request heard last year. No change in the building footprint, gas canopy, fueling islands, parking areas or impervious areas are proposed.

… (bolding mine)

The Community Meeting for this project is scheduled for November 15th. The meeting will take place at the Crozet Community Advisory Committee meeting. These meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and are held in the Crozet Library. The agenda has not been developed yet. If the meeting location details change I will let you know. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me.

Downtown Crozet Resubmittal

(download the PDF here)


Concept Plan for Downtown Crozet’s Square

Edits above – added ? because I’ve heard the houses may not go through. Still working on it.

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