Crozet Transforms from Suburban Outpost to Health and Fitness Epicenter

While lovely suburban neighborhoods, mountain vistas, and excellent schools have been the hallmark of Crozet’s popularity, a new scene is helping to shape Crozet population both figuratively and literally – Health and Fitness. For a town with a relatively small population, the number of community assets to support our health and fitness reflects the high demand.

There are of course the well known bigger health and wellness facilities such as ACAC-Crozet and the Crozet Park YMCA (which in addition to its facility and fitness classes is also home to the Crozet Park YMCA Masters Swim team that includes fitness swimmers, triathletes, former collegiate swimmers and a few top-10 nationally ranked swimmers!). Complementing these bigger businesses are numerous smaller fitness boutiques including the newly opened Santosha Yoga (in the Piedmont Building), The Polarity Barn, Foundations Pilates, PT Plus, the Greenwood Community Center (which hosts Zumba, yoga and martial arts) and Jazzercise classes.

Moreover, there are several personal trainers including DNA-Movement, M2 Personal Training and radFIT Training that offer both group classes (nearly every morning, evening and weekend) as well as one-on-one or small group training upon request.

In addition to these businesses that run fitness classes, there are a growing number of businesses that support our Crozet fitness enthusiasts.

Crozet Running has been supporting the community for just over three years by providing quality gear for running and other sports in addition to sponsoring numerous local running races, running clinics and sponsor the Crozet Running Ultrarunning Team (CRUT) which consists of several of VA’s best ultra-marathon runners that consistently place in the Top 10 nationally. The recent addition of the Crozet Bicycle Shop (the first shop to open on the old Barnes Lumberyard space) adds to this growing list. Finally, there are a growing number of clubs and groups for particular sports enthusiasts including the Crozet Cycling Club, RunCrozet and the Charlottesville Area Trail (CAT) Runners.

Rebecca Deaton, a certified personal trainer who owns and operates radFIT Training, is offering a free fitness class on Saturday Jan 7th at 8:30am at Western Albemarle High School (turf field) for those individuals looking to jump start their New Year’s fitness goals. “I’m really proud to part of a community of personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts that support the Crozet area”, she notes, “and hope this class helps people to get a start on their fitness goals, learn about my and other groups offerings in the area, and make friends with people with similar fitness interests.”

Crozet’s proximity to the mountains for hiking, skiing, biking, trail running and other outdoor activities makes it poised to emerge as a fitness hot-bed in all areas of athletic interest. Cheers to a healthy and active 2017!


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  1. Due to the weather, the free 8:30am radFIT class at WAHS was postponed to Jan 21, 2017. Hope to see lots of you then!

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