The Vue – 126 Apartments in Downtown Crozet – Begins

The Vue – the 126 apartments coming to near-downtown-Crozet, started today. That start was the demolition of one of the oldest – and coolest – homes in Crozet.


A serious question – was this envisioned by the Crozet Master Plan?

Background here.


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3 Replies to “The Vue – 126 Apartments in Downtown Crozet – Begins”

  1. I find it ironic that a real estate agent who makes money off of selling real estate is concerned about the demolition of an old home. The owners decided to sell and we need affordable housing in our community. No matter where affordable housing goes, unless it goes along the railroad, people will not want apartments near them. I think affordable housing (apartments) is really needed in Crozet.

    I didn’t see any real estate agents publicly concerned with other other old homes that were demolished over the past 8 – 10 years on other plots of land in and around Crozet. Many of the area real estate agents got rich selling postage stamp lots and homes all over our area. Imagine a workforce that staffs our restaurants, grocery stores, etc… that can actually afford to live in Crozet. What a novel concept.

    Either this a community for all citizens or it is closed community of elites and/or people who fight any change. Traffic concerns can be addressed by working with the county and the developer. Let’s focus on how to adapt, not complain. 🙂

  2. Rich –

    Come on. No where did I say, “those bad people sold their land and the house should be saved.” The people sold their land to PHA, who in turn sold it to the folks who are developing the apartments.

    Noting that the house that is being demoed was a cool house is just that – observing that a cool, old house, was destroyed.

    If you search the archives here for the past 10 years, you will certainly see my subtle lamentations about how Crozet has grown, changed, evolved, and how we continue to do so.

    Your accusations are misplaced, but thank you for commenting.

    As far as traffic concerns – what suggestions do you have?

    On this, we agree:

    Either this a community for all citizens or it is closed community of elites and/or people who fight any change.

  3. I was not making accusations. I am just making a reasonable observation based on your post and pictures. My suggestions on traffic concerns are noted in my first post in this tread. Peace, Jim. 🙂

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