Crozet Trails Add to Crozet’s Connectivity


It’s amazing that you can get from Western Ridge, Cory Farm, Highlands, Westhall … all on paths, on foot or on bicycle, and not in a car.  Thanks to the Crozet Trails Crew.

A few upcoming dates of note



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One Reply to “Crozet Trails Add to Crozet’s Connectivity”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! We’re seeing a lot of the projects around the Crozet Connector Trail (the one that’s close to all those neighborhoods in the eastern part of Crozet) coming to fruition, especially with recent additions to the rights-of-way gained by the county. There’s more to do, and I encourage anyone who’s interested to check out our 2017 goals on our web page. We need folks who can help with maintaining the trails, but we also have other opportunities for those who don’t feel that wrestling a shovel or mower is their talent.

    Plus – just walking on the trails helps keep them open. So get out there and do your part by stomping the grass!

    And, of course, we’re excited about April’s Cheers for Charity at Starr Hill. Drink a beer, love the trails. Does it get any easier?

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