Someone Needs to Fix the Morning Lights at WAHS

Gingergermani says on Twitter:

Seriously, the light at WAHS is the worst timed light ever.

From a reader:

Have you noticed how screwed up the lights have gotten at WAHS and Henley? Seems they have been reprogrammed to “rest” where it is green for WAHS. Do you have any contacts at the County that we could point this out to? I thought originally that this had to do with Old Trail, but that is not the case as Old Trail’s direction still “rests” red.

This photo is from last Wednesday morning sitting at Old Trail trying to get to Western Albemarle High School –

Whoever is manning the intersection at WAHS needs to wake up

The traffic in the mornings in front of Western Albemarle High School, Henley Middle and Brownsville Elementary School varies from abominable to irresponsible.

Someone, please, Fix It.