Tour de Crozet 3 – Distancing Extended

Tour de Crozet III – Social Distancing, Extended Version

Let’s do it again. (and make sure to read this whole page)

Feel free to share with individuals you know would be interested. No other email lists please.

If nothing else, we’re putting together some darn good routes. We live in amazing place to ride bicycles.

For this Tour, we wanted to not start on the same road twice, and as we seem to be riding just a bit more of late, so we’re doing routes that are just a bit longer.

Same as before

But longer.

From 12:01am on 15 May to 11:59pm on 24 May, complete all 5 stages of the Tour de Crozet, and you’ll earn not just the admiration, and perhaps annoyance of your families, but we’ll all think you’re pretty damn cool for doing this. A goal: to not start on the same road twice.

The Routes – at least 103ish miles, until Stage 5

810 – Sugar Ridge, Slam Gate, Clark, Jones Mill 26.2 miles

JarmansNewtown, Afton, Dick Woods, Miller School, (formerly gravel) Patterson Mill24.9 miles

240Gillums – Tilman – West Leigh – Bloomfield – Dick Woods – Morgantown – 7 Hills21.9 miles

Miller SchoolEdge – Ortman30.08 miles

Create your own. A big bonus … We were thinking a Charlottesville, loop, but … how about … Pick your own route? Make it at least an hour. Do a loop not done before. Maybe do one that’s not yet been done in the previous Tours de Crozet. Be creative, maybe if there’s a Tour de Crozet IV, we’ll use it.

your photos

Entrance fee

No fee, because this is for fun. But … if you are so inclined and have a few extra bucks floating around because you’re not eating out as much, maybe throw a donation to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, or your favorite local charity that is helping people out right now. 

That being said. If you need help right now, ask. We are here, and we have built a strong group of us that will support each other. Ask. If not one of us, find someone you trust to help.

Why do the Tour De Crozet?

Simple – we are lucky to live in a remarkable place, and outdoor exercise is good for the body, mind, and soul. So, let’s do it.

Some of the emails we’ve received from riders:

… just wanted to let you know I really appreciate how important the CCC has been to my peace of mind. For all the ups and downs it’s been my community and social outlet. Looking forward to when we can all get together and ride again!

I have to say getting out solo on the #tourdecrozet and seeing everyone’s work/photos on Strava really adds a little bit of fun to the day to day.  I’ve been working from home along with everyone else and the days seem to be a lot longer than before with more meetings and coordination required.  I’m glad I got off of my rear lately and am back on the bike.  It’s a great outlet.  Thanks to all of you that drive and organize these this group.

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