Peachtree Baseball Volunteers needed

Peachtree Baseball League of Albemarle Inc. is a non-profit organization that solely depends on volunteers to organize the league. We are currently looking for volunteers for the 2007 season.

The following positions are open for the 2007 season –

– Secretary
– VP Tball/Rookie
– Concession stand coordinator Crozet Park
– Historian

The job descriptions are listed below for each position. If you are interested, please contact Cheryl Madison.

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A)    Act in the absence of the president and vice-president.
B)    Keep accurate minutes of all general membership, board, and special meetings.
C)    Make copies of all minutes available for those who need them. (One copy for the president and one for the Historian)
D)    Maintain records of all league activities.
E)    Responsible for copies of by-laws with all up-to-date changes, which shall be the official by-laws of the league.
F)    Inform all head coaches, in writing, of any new changes or corrections to the bylaws.
G)    Coordinate team picture scheduling and photo disbursement.
H)    Prepare all forms necessary for registration and record keeping for the league.
I)      Keep accurate records of all players in the league, including an adult membership list.


                                                            VP  TBALL/ROOKIE DIVISON
A)      Act in the absence of the president
B)      Preside over tryouts and team formation and/or draft in their division.
C)      Act as safety officer to establish procedures that are understood and practiced by players and adult personnel. Provide periodic inspection of playing facilities and equipment. Prepare for emergencies and training in first aid. Investigate accidents and recommend corrective measures.
D)      Prepare rosters for their respective division(s).
E)        Assign late registrations to their respective divisions.
F)        Prepare all-star rosters/ballots for their division.

                                  CONCESSION STAND COORDINATOR Crozet Park
                                                            (Not a board position)
A)      Purchase supplies for sale in the concession stand, make sure that all purchases are billed to and paid from the league account (No separate checking accounts).
B)      Make recommendations to the board regarding the purchase of equipment and major changes in merchandise and prices.
C)      At the close of each business day, the concession stand coordinator and an approved league member or board member, shall record and initial all cash taken in that day.
D)      Responsible for seeing that stand money is counted and prepared for deposit by the treasurer into the league account no later than 5 working days.
E)      Responsible for seeing that all monies spent/made in the concession stand are properly documented with the treasurer in the ledger system used and approved by the Board of Directors.

                                        HISTORIAN  (Not a board position)
A)      Responsible for taking photos and documenting events throughout the season and creating a memorabilia scrapbook for each season.
B)      Responsible for securing prizes for the hit-a-thon fundraiser from area businesses and coordinating a hit-a-thon committee
C)      Assist the Secretary with team photos.
D)      Before the beginning of the next season, the Historian is responsible for compiling a notebook containing all pictures, team rosters, standings, newspaper clippings, summary of past years significant happenings. All meeting minutes, audit report with concessions, general funds, account balance(s), and a list of expenditures shall be included in this notebook.

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